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    Fixed term is “(Intercept)” --Dredge function

    Hi, i'm currently running a glm model in R and have attempted to use the following code: Model: resultsnew<-glm(R0A1~MP_Perc+MPHW_Perc+HW_Perc+YP_Perc+AG_Perc+Shrub_Perc+Dist_CountyRoad+Dist_PrimaryRoad+Dist_SecondaryRoad+Dist_TertFireRoad,data=secondorder,family=binomial("logit"))...
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    Dredge in R

    Hi everyone, My knowledge in R statistical software is poor. Could eventually someone help me to understand which way I do dredge in R? How do I present all top models within 2 AIC and model averaged parameter estimates? Thank you in advance, Tom