dummy variables

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    year fixed effects in time series regression

    I'm trying to estimate what effect the tariff rate in a specific country has on evasion of tariffs (or rather the underreporting of the value of goods in customs). My dependent variable is a proxy for evasion and the explanatory one is tariffs. I have data spanning continuously over about 15...
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    Did I just fudge this categorical data transformation too much?

    I have a public data set gathered from 336 hospitals, with about 28,000 rows. I want to see if there is relationship between a particular input feature, and an outcome, but I want to adjust for which hospital it was collected from. I've tried making dummy variables, but my software chokes...
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    Dealing with multi-level categorical variables in regression

    Hi everyone, I have been working in R and using lmer() to run mixed-effect linear and logistic regression models to study language processing. I have recently learned a lot about how to code and include multi-level categorical variables in regression models (e.g., dummy coding, effects...