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    Commenting on wider population from survey sample

    I am conducting a survey in 9 restaurants, hoping to gather data on our customer demographic profile. The population is equal to the number of covers the restaurant had over the corresponding period in the previous year. This ranges from 4000 to 10000. Across all sites then, I understand that I...
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    Extrapolation of yhat

    Hi, I am using non-linear regression ('nl' function, with independent variable of age) to estimate coefficient with the least sum of the square value (fitted non-linear curve). Later, I was using 'predict yhat' to predict the y-value for my samples with different age groups. However, the...
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    Can I use regression to increase sample size of survey responders?

    I have a question about how I can extrapolate responses from a survey to apply to the entire population with a decent level of confidence and confidence interval. - I have a survey population of 94, of which 50 people completed the survey. - The questionnaire had 12 questions - If I were...