factor scores

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    Clustering Factor Scores

    Hi all, I used self organizing map to cluster factor scores. I had 21 variables for analyze but I used mean scores of factor scores for subscales (4 subscales) and at the end, I have 4 clusters. Some factor score means are negative. How am I supposed to interpret these negative factor scores?
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    Correlating factor scores and calculating marker scale scores

    Hi, I am doing a lexical study, identifying personality factor structure of the Malay language adjectives. I have three datasets: 1) The Malay adjective checklist 2) The Big-Five Mini Marker scale 3) The 60 items HEXACO PI My research objectives are to: 1) Examine the factor...
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    How can calculate the factor scores from the ML estimates by weighted least squares?

    Hi! How can calculate the factor scores from the ML estimates by weighted least squares using R? Tnx
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    CFA and Factor scores from ordered Likert scale items using SEM and Lavaan packages.

    Hello! I'm trying to do some confirmatory factor analysis with for ordered Likert scale items using sem and lavaan packages. So far I have read a lot and searched a lot but working example has so far eluded me. Can someone please take a look at the data and tell me if what I'm doing is correct...
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    Factor scores to classify groups?

    Hi there, I have carried out a principal component analysis and I would like to use the factor scores to classify 5 groups of respondents. What should I do? A discriminant function analysis? Thank you :)
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    ICC and Factor scores

    Dear All, I am computing Inter-class correlations (ICC) for a multilevel comparison of geographical areas. I have a long list of indicators and for some I could reduce them in fewer factors. Is there any problem in computing the ICC on individual's factor scores? Thank you in advance