fisher test

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    Post Hoc analysis for non-parametric analysis in Minitab: HELP

    Greetings I wish to be able to use post hoc analysis on my non-parametric analysis on my data. I am currently using Krustal Wallis (as I have 5 sets of data that I wish to compare). As this will only give me a p-value and a z-value which informs me if the data is significantly different or...
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    Pooling time points to perform a Fisher test?

    Hello, I am currently trying to analyse an experiment to assess if rats with cerebral malformations have a sensitivity deficit on one of their front paws. I put 2 sticky dots on their front paws then look which side they turn to first. I repeated this over 4 trials. So my data look like...
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    Fisher test or interaction terms to determine if 2 groups are different

    Hi, I split my sample in 2 groups, participants with condition +M and participants without the condition -M. I calculated correlations and beta coeff( regression by group) so what is the better way to see if these 2 groups differ significantly? the Fischer test for correlations or...