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    Question about Fisher's Exact Test

    Hi everyone- new to posting here. I am wondering if I can get some feedback on simple code for a Fisher's test, as I am pretty new to R. I am inputting a 3x2 table, may be easier just to see the table/code below. The output I get looks pretty different to me than the output I got for a 2x2...
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    Post-hoc analysis for Fisher's Exact Test

    Hello all! I am using Fisher's Exact Tests to analyse a series of 2x2 contingency tables with small values. But are there any other tests I can use to say more interesting things about my results? (I am thinking of post-hoc tests, or possibly Kramer's V or Odds Ratio or other things that can...
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    Help!I think I might need Fisher's exact test for R x C?

    Hello Im an absolute beginner to stats being a social science student who is trying to figure it all out. I think I might need fisher's exact test. What have I done is to ask a group to rate how the feel about one online group compared to another that they have both used using a lirket...