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    Bin Boundaries

    Hey Everyone! I just have a quick question when calculating my bin and frequency. I have a Max of 4.144%, Min of -3.733%. I want to a good amount of bins (around 15-20) This is what i have done so far 1) rounded up my max and mins to 5% and -4%. 2) I calculated my bin as 4.144% - 1% = 3.144%...
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    R - Finding Frequency - Bar Graph or Percentage? Which should be used or both?

    [R] -How to Find Frequency - Bar Graph or Percentage? Which is best or both? Would the Bar Graph attached be sufficient when they ask to "Find Frequency"? or Do I need to find the specific percentage probability? If the latter, how would I go about getting the number...percentage for the...
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    frequency of heterozygous allele between two groups

    I am sorry I am not statistician but I have a very simple (maybe stupid:)) question. I have case group of 4460 and controls of 5085, P value is 0.0172. 232 of cases are heterozygous for the allele understudy and 245 controls are heterozygous for the same allele P value is 0.0232. I would...