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    How can I make one frequency table out of multiple categorical variables?

    We are trying to create one frequency table (with frequencies or percentages) for multiple categorical variables, but whenever we do it, we always get a separate freqeuncy table for each of the variables, even if we drag all of them into the variable window simultaneously.
  2. E

    Comparing means of frenquencies

    Hi all, Doing a comparison of keyword search frequencies and need some help determining which test to use to compare means: I was given a list of 200 keywords, and the average number of times they were searched in every month of 2014 and 2015. Took the yearly average for all 200 and want...
  3. R

    SPSS is counting more valid cases than actual N

    Hi everyone, I am not very conversant with SPSS and am not a statistician either. So please bear with me if my problems are very basic. I encountered this problem with SPSS in a particular dataset where the number of cases was 289, but in the frequencies output, SPSS counted the total...
  4. L

    Need help frequencies within variable combinations

    Sorry if the title is not the best description. I'm mentally exhausted from the last 10hrs. I have 1500 title entries. Half of them are duplicates. It was nominal string and I recoded as numeric for testing. My main category variable is also nominal. Each case within a set of duplicates is...
  5. K

    Basic logical analysis in R

    Hi all, I am new to R, but I need some help on this. I have two variables in a dataset 1. DIARRHOEA with responses 1=Y, 2=N 2. ORS 1= Y, 2=N I want to get an analysis of ORS based on those who said Y=1 for question 1. How can I do this with R? Andrew
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    Cumulative relative frequencies

    I have a problem I do not understand. I always end up with result 0.99 instead of 1. See lines 22 and 40: Am I not supposed to get 1? Here is the full scenario (from the paste): We are measuring how many times per week people practice sports. absolute...
  7. A

    frequencies for a year prior for data with dates and frequencies

    I have a data set with two columns; These are the date and the frequency of surgeries on that date. Dates are only listed if the frequency of surgeries on that date was above 0. I'd like to create a third column that gives the total number of surgeries performed within a year prior to the...
  8. F

    Analysis of questionnaire data

    Hi everyone, A lack of foresight has left me in a bind when it comes to analysing questionnaire data. The issue is that my N of 40 (20 per group), while sufficient for ANOVA analysis of my experimental data, I now realise it is nowhere near enough for frequency analyses of my secondary...
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    frequencies for intervals

    Hi, I would like to ask how can I make a frequencies table for a variable that has each value only once (e.g. income). I have set of 300 different values of income from respondents and I would like to get the frequencies in a table saying "income 0-100 = XX times, income 101-200 = YY times"...