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    Analysing 2-factor 2-level design as if it were 4 different treatment design

    Hello! Just curious why we see different results in such cases. Here we have a classic 2-factor 2-level factorial design which we can analyze using Nominal regression/logistic regression. Analysis shows that only interaction is significant : However, if we transform this data as if there...
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    How can I check model assumptions when all my residuals are zero?

    I'm doing a 2^4 full factorial experiment. I have 1 continuous response Y and 4 factors, each with 2 levels, yielding a total of 16 level combinations. The experiment is unreplicated and I have a total 16 observations, one for each level combination. The design matrix has only 1's and -1's...
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    How to calculate the percentage contribution in full factorial and RSM models

    Hi, My question might seem quiet straight forward but here it goes: How can I calculate the percentage contribution of each input parameter in full factorial and RSM ANOVA when I have four input factors: This is what I usually do: For Full factorial with four inputs I divide the seq...