gamma regression

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    How do I unscale coefficients from a gamma log-linked GLMM?

    How do you unscale coefficients from a gamma log-linked GLMM? I scaled B80S (julian date) and AuAT (air temperature), and am trying to rescale the coefficients now to present the results.
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    [R] Non-parametric test to multi factorial ANOVA

    Hi, I've spent hours searching online (by "non parametric factorial ANOVA"), reading in books (Zar's "Biostatistical analysis") and manuals (R), but I can't find any clear solution, so I'll bite the bullet and I whine to you. First, sorry for my English and my lack of Statistical knowledge...
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    Co-efficient interpretation in Gamma Regression Model

    Hi Guys, I am trying to fit a gamma regression model using a log link model. Now, I get a negative co-efficient for one of my IVs. What is the best way to interpret this? Should I exponentiate this co-efficient? What does this mean in that case? Thanks for the help.