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    Difference between simulating the dependent variable and simulating the error terms and adding them to the fitted values values assuming normality?

    What's the statistical difference between simulating the dependent variable and simulating the error terms and adding them to the fitted values values assuming normality (gaussian GLM)? Say I'm doing a simple multiple regression on the following data (R): n <- 40 x1 <- rnorm(n, mean=3, sd=1)...
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    Sum of two normal distributions

    Hello, I'm doing data analysis research and currently I'm trying to fit the simple model to a data sample. From physical speculations I know that the distribution should be a sum of two normal distributions with different parameters (mean, width, area). I fitted my data with the model and it...
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    Average distance of the dart (Dartboard)

    Hello I have been struggling with this questions for some time now and I have no idea how to start it. Can you guys give me some tips? "A large circular dartboard is set up with a "bullseye" at the center of the circle, which is at the coordinate (0,0). A dart is thrown at the center but lands...
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    Black Swans, non-normal distributions

    I am looking for a reference to a popular science magazine article. The point of it was that in the real world we find populations that are distributed by exponential growth functions and not Gaussian. This means that rare events (“Black swans”) are not as rare as people think or as rare as...
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    [SIGMAPLOT v12] correspondence analysis to gaussian curve

    A correspondence analysis was performed, which generated an X and a Y coordinate. I have a third value that I want to use as a Z coordinate. How can these three values be used to create a gaussian curve in SigmaPlot?
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    Is this a correct statement regarding a normal distribution?

    Note: this is not homework. I am trying to make sure I understand the differences between percentiles and z-score. Please tell me if the following compare/contrast statements are correct. Thanks, Mike 1. The 95th percentile is the value such that 95% of all observations are below...
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    Gaussian Kernel regressions plot

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to make a specific plot in SAS of two variables, X and Y. I want to run a Kernel regression of two variables, X and Y, and then using those results plot the two in a two-dimensional diagram with X on the X-axis and Y on the Y-axis represented by a smooth curve. All...
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    product of N normal distributions

    We are given N normal functions, with means \mu_i, and variances \sigma_i^2, i in 1...N. I need to find a formula for the product of the N functions. The case N=2 is easy to find online: but I have found nothing regarding...
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    glm link function HELP! To gaussian, or not to gaussian, that is the question...

    Please ignore question no longer need help - thank you for all of your responses!