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    Two continuous variables (scores), one categorical variable (gender), how to test?

    I want to compare OCD scores (continuous variable) to PTSD scores (continuous variable), by gender (categorical). Basically I want to know whether OCD scores depend on PTSD scores and gender. What can I use for this? I know I can't use two-way ANOVA because I have one continuous independent...
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    How to check gender and age matching

    Hello girls and guys, I have worked on a study for which I was blinded in the first part. I always assumed that the patients and controls were gender and age matched because I was told so. Now I have the list of birth dates and gender affiliation and I would like to state in my paper/thesis...
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    ANCOVA coding of categorical covariates

    Hello all, I am running an ANCOVA in R (Anova function) to assess the results of a randomized experimental study. I have a 2x2 full factorial model that will control for three continuous and two categorical covariates (ethnicity and gender). The gender covariate is unbalanced with a breakdown...
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    How can I do one-way ANOVA for each GENDER? The data has 5 treatments and has gender considerations. I would like to do a one-way ANOVA within each gender and have it displayed like the attached photo. How can I do this? Thanks! James
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    Need more statistics of India

    Could anyone list me some interesting statistics of indian population ??
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    Help with choosing the right analysis and how to manage a gender-matching variable

    Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to read my question, it is very specific and based on a particular problem I've never come across before. I will start with the variables. IVs: 1. Corporal Punishment (CP; as a child) - Present or Absent. From both Mother and Father (measured...
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    Age and gender effects in neuropsychological tests

    Dear friends, I will try to ask it simple: Dependant variable: scores of a cognitive test (scale) independant variables: brain atrophy (yes,no), family history (yes,no), gender (m,f), age(scale) I am searching if brain atrophy group performed worse in cognitive tests. However atropy...
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    Help with ANOVA Analysis of Data

    I need to compute: The sum of squares associated with sex from the ANOVA table; Create histograms of the data used in the ANOVA for each level of Sex independently. Using this output and boxplot and apply do you think the assumptions of ANOVA have been met? How do I input the data of...