generalized mixed models

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    SAS glimmix overdispersion

    Let's say I have an experiment with a total of 10 petridishes each with 20 seeds. 5 of these petri dishes are variety A and 5 are variety B. I count the number of germinated seeds in each dish. There seems to be to be two main ways to model potential over dispersion: proc glimmix data=a...
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    ¿Any suggestions? GLM, HLM, MLM Problem

    I'm new to Multilevel modeling and currently I been working on a business project and its data is related to multilevel modeling. I know a lot of things about how to approach this problem, but I will do my reasoning so you can tell me if it is ok or wrong. So I need a mind that know this type of...
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    mediation results are not in line with compression of glmm consisted models

    hi all, I'll begin with my two question and all the related information (description of the research and the data and full output) will follow. 1. When i execute model1 (glmm with random intercept only for subjects): predictor (suppBin) and outcome (DtlsBinUp) and pre-intervention variables...