glm assumptions

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    General and generalised linear models

    Hi, I've done a few GLM's with poisson distribution, the code I've used is name<-glm(dependentvariable~independent+independent+independent,family=poisson,data=datset) for some the dependent variable is non-normally distributed so I believe I need to use a generalised linear model. But...
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    Normality / QQ-Plot in Generalized Linear Models (GLM)

    Hi, sorry if this is a frequent question, but I did not find an appropriate answer: If I have a GLM with a non-normal distributed outcome (such as Poisson- or Binomial distributed), does it make sense to check normality of the residuals? Intuitively I would say no, since I explicitly...
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    Repeated measures design - correct analyses and GLM assumptions

    Hi all, I have collected data for a study but I am not sure now if I am carrying out the correct analyses. I have tried for the last few days to figure out whether my analyses are correct, but I keep getting a lingering doubt that they are not and so I thought I will ask this question because...