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    Help understanding a normalization

    Hi, in fact Ive been reading an article, they are working with velocity and acceleration: So a number of observations (vt; at) (speed between 5 and 25 and acceleration between -2,2) They said: If we normalize these observations by the number of observations that fall into that speed bucket we...
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    Variable Subsetting & Heat Map

    Hey all, Being a novice programming in R I am wondering if anyone could assist me. I have two variables in a data set; date and a numeric variable. Date Number 6/06/2013 10 .... .... .... .... I am wanting to create a heat map with half year...
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    Defining polygon coordinates with a predefined image and plotting in R

    I have an image and want to plot on specific rectangle-shaped parts of it. I would like to be able to easily specify the coordinates for these parts and take these coordinates into R for plotting. More specifically, I want to plot a heatmap on a store blueprint. Here is an example of the plot I...