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    Can anybody help me choose a non parametric test? I have 3 samples of slightly different sizes (32, 33, 35)

    I am comparing disease risk scores (non normal data) within the range of antelope which changes during 1.Summer 2.Spring and 3.Winter (my 3 samples) The antelope are in different counties during each season. 32 counties in summer , 33 in spring and 35 in winter (My sample sizes) . Each county...
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    Correlation Coefficient.

    1) If the correlation coefficient between two random variables X and Y is 0.5, then the correlation coefficient between 2X-4 and 3-2Y is? a. 1 b. 0.5 c. -0.5 d. 0 1) If the correlation coefficient between two random variables X and Y is 0.3, then the correlation coefficient between (2X+3)/5...
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    Stats Help please...

    Hi, I'm not the best at stats so please keep terms and approaches in layman's terms please - I currently use SPSS too :) I'm not too sure which test to conduct, so any help would be great. I have record of the number of deaths since 1998 - 2016, each having a month when recorded - I...
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    Help! Brand new at r! Do you see the error here?

    Can anyone see the error in this? I have used a mock-up model successfully twice, with same spacing, etc., and have gotten great graphs (in the 29 hours since I learned of R's existence). I am going crazy! title.main <- "How Clients Learned VAC Offers HIV/STI Testing" cats <-...
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    Stats Homework Help

    Hey Everyone! :) I am stuck on some stats homework questions! Hoping someone can help me out.. 1. A friend flips a coin 10 times and says that the probability of getting a head is 60% because he got six heads. Is the friend referring to an estimated probability or the​ probability's true​...
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    (too) small sample size?

    Without going into too much detail: I have a number of people every year. At one point, something happens that makes the yearly number of people least, that's what it looks like without any statistical analysis. Which statistical analysis should I use to prove that there is a...
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    Cave Temperature Analysis, Real life management issues.

    Hi, I've taken math course's up to Calc III and Diff Eq, but never a statistics course. So I was hoping this forum could help me. I am working with 10+years of temperature data taken from several loggers throughout a cave system. The loggers record temperature every 30mins, which I have...
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    Grouping Cases on SPSS by Date

    Hi, I am trying to come up with some syntax for the following query but have so far been unsuccessful. Example Table: Person DateSpec Primary Record Person1 24/05/2015 1 Person1 02/06/2016 0...
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    Help with C.I. for non normal probability distribution Excercise

    Hi! first time poster here! I have done (correctly I hope) most of the exercise except for segment "B) i)" So I need help with it :(:( Here's the exercise [What I've got so far] n = 10 A) sample mean (x) = 5.7 ; Std Deviation = 3.257 B) ii) Error = 2.0143 ; U € [3.685 ; 7.714] 95...
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    Paired T-Test and/or repeated measures ANOVA/mixed ANOVA -please help!

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to confirm this for a while but I haven't been able to find a conclusive answer. I'm guessing the answer is pretty simple but I'm a bit rusty and I've looked over it so many times that I'm now a little bit saturated. Basically I am doing a project on bladder...
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    Need Help Statistics Homework

    Hi, This is my test for homework on statistics i'll be very grateful if someone can help me with it
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    Hell Please. Linear Regression Model

    Which of the following is NOT assumed to contribute to uncertainty in predicting y from x in a standard Model I linear regression. a. Uncertainty due to varian of y around model. b. Uncertainty over identifying the true model. c. Uncertainty in measuring X. d. Uncertainty in measuring Y.
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    Can i use regression analysis for this problem?

    Hi So im doing a study and i want to see if there is a trend here What i got: I got data that depends on if a certain animal is using a area (low use and high use) what i want to do is find out if there is a significant difference between low & high area use of this animal I got...