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    I need help with Null Hypothesis type 1 and 2 errors

    Explain which type of error, type 1 or type 2, could be made in each of the following cases. Just pick A, B C or D. For example for (I) Pick one of the four options (A B C or D). For (II) Pick one of the four options (A B C or D) for (III) Pick one of the four options (A B C or D), for (IV) Pick...
  2. Q

    Correlation help

    i ran a normality test and both variables were >0.05 so normal. but when i run a linear correlation so i can generate a predictive equation one of the unstandarised co-effciens (B) shows the number 2.104E-5..............what's the E-5?? in class this never happened and I'm on break now so can't...
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    Need Help!! About likelihood ratio method in obtaining confidence interval

    Below is a part of text in a teacher's Manual talking about R and S+ dealing with categorical data: -------------------------------------------------- In a questionnaire given to an introductory statistics class (n = 2), zero students said they were vegetarians. Assuming that the number...
  4. V

    Need help with code issues please

    I am writing a fairly simple model to mimic the biological process of a species..... However, a part of my code is returning a need for TRUE/FALSE value and another part of my code is producing NA's and I cannot figure out why. Below is the code and below that is the error message. n needs to be...
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    Help me with Stats/SPSS

    Hi I need help with statistics. I just came across this place today and im really hoping for an answer cos I do not have any other option left. I'm currently using chi-square to analyze my data since all my dependent and independent variables are coded in categorical format I need to...
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    Probability problem

    Find the conditional probalilities of the indicated events when two fair dice (one red and one green) are rolled: The sum is 6, given that the green one is either 4 or 3. The red one is 4, given that the green one is 4. The sum is 5, given that the dice have opposite parity.