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    Hypothesis Testing

    Hi guys! I have a statistics question that I am completely stumped with: From a sample of people (n=36), with certain eating habits, a mean cholesterol value of 4.1 mmol/l was calculated. From a medical reference table, it is shown that 95% of all values are between 3.2 – 6.2 mmol/l for the...
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    t-test or z-test for my hypothesis?

    My dataset contains over 10.000+ service management tickets. My population is right-skewed. I took 1000 samples with sample size n = 30 from the dataset. Because of the central limit theorem the sampling distribution is normally distributed. I want to prove that incidents are handled within 14...
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    OLS Regression Output interpretation (really urgent)

    Hi guys, I have the following output and I really need your help with this: The questions are: a) Regressor X3 is a dummy variable (X3 = 1 if individual belongs to group 1). What interpretation can you give to the corresponding coefficient? b) The dependent variable was generated by the...
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    Hypothesis testing

    Hey guys, This is my first thread on this forum so please bare with me as I try to be as concise as possible, I'll then write down my questions at the end of the thread. I'm working on some class notes, and stumbled upon this problem that confuses me on some point: "The drying time of a...
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    p values, alpha, and errors

    I was speaking with a classmate about subject heading for this thread and it made me a bit confused. Here are my thoughts: the way I explain p value: probability of observing effect when, in reality, there is no effect. This translates to probability of data given the null (null=there is no...
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    A Hypothesis testing problem

    I have been facing some doubts regarding the problem given below. Firstly, if this problem is a Z-test or a T-test? Secondly, what should be the standard deviation ? sigma =? Here is my attempted solution, Please help.
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    Eurovision neighbourhood effect

    Hi, I am currently trying to mess with statistics, and was trying to see if there is an effect of neighbourhood voting/cultural/migration influences on voting, by creating a null hypothesis and an alternate hypothesis. I have been lurking on the net if someone has done something similar using...
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    How do I pose a hypothesis for a partial correlation?

    Hello everyone, in my thesis I have following hypothesis: 3a: Internet skills are positively correlated with the frequency of experiencing risks online 3b: The positive correlation between internet skills and the frequency of experiencing risks online is at least partly caused by the amount...
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    Question regarding RM ANOVA

    Dear readers, I have question about my Repeated measures output. I wanted to check for my hypothesis (whether Dutch, masculinized voices in men were more attractive then foreign, masculinized voices in men for a short-term relationship) a three-way interaction between...
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    Nominal & Ratio Variables: How to correlate?

    The following is the hypothesis I'm trying to work with: "Students who do not achieve at least 70% in high school English will not pass a college admissions test." I was given a dataset with over 800+ high school English grades expressed in percentages. The dataset also includes whether each...
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    Hypothesis for logistic regression

    I get a group of data and would like to use the regression to analysis the relationship. The dependent variable Y is a kind of loss rate, so it is strictly belong to [0, 1], e.g. I have $100, and I will loss 5% at day 1, 3% on day 2, 4% day 3, ...then Y is (5%, 3%, 4%, ....); I also have some...
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    Using pooled data formula or not?

    The question is: Broken arms can be treated with surgery or splints. In a study with 200 patients, half had surgery and half used splints. In the surgery group, 80 patients showed improvement after 2 months whilst 50 who used splints improved. Is surgery more effective than splints for...
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    Stata: Test that the difference between two groups = -1

    Does anyone know how to test the hypothesis that the difference between people without and with kids = -1 per night in Stata? I have the data set with kids as a dummy variable, but can't figure out where to start.
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    hypothesis tests

    i wanted to know if hypothesis such as: H0: P(X belongs to V) = 0 and H1: P(X belongs to V) > 0, can be used using typical hypothesis testing procedures. Here X is a random variable that can take values from a given set, S, of integers and V is subset of values in S. The main question is...
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    what does rejecting the hypothesis mean

    Hi, so I'm new to statistics and am not very comfortable with it yet. It may be a very simple question, but I'm finding this very difficult to understand In research papers the hypotheses are mostly in a particular direction. Like "satisfaction is positively related to customer retention" If...
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    If you wanted your null hypothesis to be that y and x are linearly related, and your alternative to be that they are quadratic. What could you use as your null and alternative hypothesis, and how would you go about testing it?
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    Unsure what SPSS test to run--comparing means.

    I am a SPSS beginner. My hypothesis is "Women who score high on self-esteem will score low on upward comparison than women who score high on upward comparison." I have all the data cleaned up and the total scores found for all my scales, I am just unsure what SPSS analysis I should run. Is it...
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    Statistical test for comparing means of correlation coefficients

    Suppose that I have two lists of correlation coefficients such as A = [0.5,0.3,0.25,0.3,-0.1] and B = [0.8,0.7,0.75,0.8,0.8]. The correlation coefficients in A are independent to B. Now, I want to test the null hypothesis, that the means of both lists are equal. I am familiar with how to...
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    Research Problem (Hypothesis and Data Analysis)

    I am conducting a research on the influence of school administrators on teachers’ retention. I have collected data on this with likert-scaled (5 point 0-4) questionnaire from about 107 respondents. The two hypotheses for this research are: 1. There is no significant influence of school...
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    When to use which statistics? Is it correct like this?

    I never had statistics in school and I'm not in college yet so I try to teach in to myself now. That's why everything I write now could be plain wrong: - You use hypothesis tests (independent t-test, paired t-test etc) to test a claim about a population mean/population proportion or to test a...