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    Entering interaction terms

    I am new to this site, but have high hopes that I can find some relief. I have a question regarding entering interaction terms (moderation) in SPSS. Is there a conceptual difference between entering interaction terms and main effects via direct entry (at the same time) vs hierarchically (in...
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    A question about whether dropping interaction terms as a whole or not

    Hello! I'm taking a regression course this semester and I have a question regarding when to drop the interaction terms. Suppose we have a regression model like this: Y = a + b1*X1 + b2*X2 + b3*X3 + b4*X1_X3 + b5*X2_X3 where Y is the response variable (say, the outcome of a disease), X1 and...
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    how to find interaction terms in regression modeling

    Given a set of predictor variables, are there any ways to test interaction terms? If I test one by one, it will be impossible to do it?
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    Calculating effect size with interaction term

    If I am running multiple regression in r, what is the next step in order to get the effect size for all variables when there's also an interaction term in the equation. For example: model=lm(DV ~ Var1 + Var2 + Var2:Var3) Also, what's the best way to determine whether or not to do an...
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    Evaluating data via a three-way (2 x 3 x 4) ANCOVA

    Biomedical researcher here, trying to figure out how to analyze the results of a study on cell culture conditions. Three IVs were chosen: compound A (2 levels), compound B (3 levels), and compound C (4 levels). Cells were grown in microplate wells, 4 wells for each of the 24 permutations of the...
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    Moderation Analysis through Process by Andrew Hayes and SPSS regression analysis

    Hello all, I need help analyzing some data for a moderation analysis. I have a continuous variable (predictor), Exhaustion, a continuous outcome, "Social Loafing" (coded 1, work alone, 2, work in a pair, or 3, work in a group--it's really an ordinal variable), and a continuous variable...
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    Why is my contrast a 1-way but no sig. interaction in a 2-way ANOVA

    Hi, So I had a 2(analytical task, control task) by 2(rating: confidence, liking) design that I incorrectly put into a One-way ANOVA with planned contrasts, i.e. I made it 4 conditions. The results indicated that my when rating confidence, the analytical task did significantly worse than the...
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    Have population, use inferential stats? Non-normal dependent variable, what to do?

    Statistics people! I have two questions for you. I am NOT a statistician so please be nice and answer simply :) Background: We are looking at parental leave in Iceland. We are particularly interested in whether the economic crisis and the resulting changes in parental leave legislation...
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    How to analyze a variable measured on a Likert scale and its interaction with another

    I have to analyze this variable which consists of scores given to 3 items (1-9 scale). This "likert scale" measures "brand commitment" if thats important. 1) Firstly, should I compute 1 new variable that combines the 3 statements (they measure the same latent construct) in order to make it...
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    How to analyze a variable measured on a Likert scale and its interaction with another

    0 down vote favorite I have to analyze this variable which consists of scores given to 3 items (1-9 scale). This "likert scale" measures "brand commitment" if thats important. 1) Firstly, should I compute 1 new variable that combines the 3 statements (they measure the same latent...
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    Interaction or moderation effect - suitable method for analysis?

    I have run a two-way between groups ANOVA to analyse my data. However, I have one more variable, which is not one of the factors in the ANOVA. I want to see how this variable interacts with one of the factors. I predicted that it will be a moderator. This variable is measured based on scores...
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    Interaction/moderation effect in ANOVA - variable is not one of the factors

    I am running an univariate ANOVA in SPSS to test my hypotheses for my 3x2 between subjects design experiment. The factors for the ANOVA are review valence (3 levels) and presence of brand (2 levels). I want to see how these factors affect purchase probability. I also gathered data for the...
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    Interaction with SPSS - Interpretation of results

    Hi everyone, I am analysing different type of relations between several variables using SPSS. It includes the moderation effect of a variable on the relationship of two other variables. Since I am far from being an expert on statistics and SPSS I am following some tutorials on youtube, but...
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    Plotting graph using the correlation coeff, continuous IV and DV with an interaction?

    Hi guys, would appreciate any help! So i'm looking at the association between two factors (let's say IV: A, DV: B). Further to this i'm then looking for an interaction of SES. I did attempt a graph of this before, but I did it wrong, I think I used the means or something when I really need...
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    Moderation analysis with a qualitativo moderator

    Hi! :) How can I analyse a moderating effect in SPSS 20 if I have a qualitative moderator variable? :confused: I already have my dummy variables for moderator variable. Thank you so much in advance! :tup:
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    Continuous by contiuous interaction and non-linearity in OLS

    To whom it may concern: I am conducting an OLS for a class assignment and have an interaction between ADHD and non-delinquent peers. I have tested for the assumption of linearity and it is violated for the non-delinquent peers measure. I spoke with my professor about what to do, but it...
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    Insignificant marginal effects of a significant interaction term?

    Is it possible that a highly significant interaction term, does not have significant marginal effects at various levels of the primary explanatory variable? Regards David
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    Mixed ANOVA difficulty ! HELP NEEDED

    Hello... im relatively new to psychology statistics and struggling to understand some things. My experiment is a 2 (common vs distinct faces )x 2 (control vs experimental condition) mixed repeated anova design The problem is the interaction between the faces and the conditions - how do i...
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    parameter estimate of categorical variable

    I run multiple regression with 2 continuous and 1 categorical variable (3 levels). SAS will hold the last level of the categorical variable and will not give an estimate. I know that this is the intercept. My question is how to calculate the interaction of the continuous variable with the 3rd...
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    Two-way non-parametric test with interactions?

    Hi I am trying to find the non-parametric equivalent of a two-way ANOVA (3x4 design) which is capable of including interactions. From my reading in Zar 1984 "Biostatistical analysis" this is possible using a method put forth in Scheirer, Ray, and Hare (1976), however, according to other posts...