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    Significance of Simple Slopes in a 2-way interaction

    I have used simple slopes to test a two-way interaction in a regression model. However, I get 1-tailed and 2-tailes significance results. It is my understanding (based on some reading) that 1-tailed is used in this situation. But how does one decide that or even explain it? Please help me...
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    Can you have a significant 3 way interaction without a corresponding 2 way interactio

    Hi all, I have found a signficant 3 way interaction (X by Y by Z) using MANOVA, but do not have any significant 2 way interactions (X by Z -or- Y by Z) involving relevant factors; is this possible? If so, how? Thanks, Drew
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    testing for the change in correlation between 2 variables over a 3rd linear variable

    I have a hypothesis that the strength of correlation between two continuous variables will decrease with higher levels of a third variable. To give an applied example of the problem, looking at the correlation between mothers weight and their adult child's weight, I expect the correlation to...