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    How can you prove normal distribution enough to use e.g. ANOVA not Kruskal Wallis?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to produce an automated framework for choosing hypothesis tests and carrying them out. I really am new to statistics so sorry if I'm asking really obvious questions, but I've tried for so long to find an answer and aren't getting anywhere. This also isn't homework help...
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    Kruksall-Wallis VS Chi-Squared

    Hello, I'm working on an MSc project and struggling with the stats side of things (I'm a linguist, not a statistician). I have data on 2 children telling me when they use certain verb types in response to an animated video clip. Each video clip has received a rating of perceived humanness...
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    Which test should I use for multiple variables, multiple sites & non-parametric data?

    Hi All, I've spent the past two weeks trying to figure out which test to use and have gotten nowhere so hoping someone here can help! I have been given data for 4 sites, where the percentages were recorded for a number of variables, including leaf litter cover, rhododendron cover, light...