likelihood estimates

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    Likelihood Function

    Can anyone help me understand this? Consider the four observations from de Normal Distribution with variance equal to one y1 < 10, y2 > 10, 5 < y3 < 10 and y4 = 10. The likelihood function is? Would be: Replacing: I want to know if this is correct or have another way of solving this...
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    Estimating Likelihood of NFL Game Outcomes

    Hey all, similar to last year, I'm passing along the tracker for the top 4 statistical model trackers for the season. Good news is that they are all at 100% so far...
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    Specifying the initial values of likfit function of geodata in R

    I have a geostatistical data. For analysis, I am using `geoR`. I want to estimate the parameters. But `likfit` or `variofit` function requires initial values for the covariance parameters: \sigma^2 (partial sill) and \phi (range parameter). But I can't guess the initial values for my data...
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    Penalized quasi-likelihood

    Can anybody explain me why the function `glmmPQL(.)` in `R` behaves in different ways, depending on the number of measurements/individuals you use? To show you this, I generated two examples. The first one includes 20 indivduals with each 100 repeated measurements (binary response), the...
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    Cox Proportional hazard model result interpretation

    Could anyone please help me to interpret results from Cox Proportional hazard model result interpretation.:wave: I am using SAS ENTERPRISE Guide and I have the following results: Analysis of Maximum Likelihood Estimates (shown in the image)