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    Can I compare results from 5 point likert scale to results from 4 point likert scale?

    Can I compare mean (descriptive analysis) from 5 point likert scale to a mean of 4 point likert scale? Results from 5 point likert scale: M: 3.34 (SD: .80) Results from 4 point likert scale: M: 2.18 (SD .44) I want to compare these results, is that possible? Thanks in advance,
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    Need help with my thesis

    Hi all! I am new to statistics (self-taught since I need it for my thesis) and I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to yet. For my thesis I want to find out whether there is any relationship between how students and their teachers answer a likert scale questionnaire...
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    Need Help Determining Analysis for Likert Scale Data

    Hello, I need help determining what analysis to run. I have 2 independent variables (a control and experimental condition) with 4 dependent variables (one scale with 4 subscales, each of which I assume should be treated as a dependent variable.) This is Likert data (ordinal) so I thought I...
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    Help with data analysis of 7-Point Likert Scale needed

    Dear all, I'm investigating perceptions of effective leadership of Germans and Indians. Part of the questionnaire assessed the attitude towards cultural factors of the respondent, the other part attitudes toward effective leader attributes. I have run a questionnaire and gained N=209...
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    Statistical method to rank Likert-items

    Dear Readers, Currently, I am conducting a study to investigate the need for assistance with a certain process. I used a survey including Likert-items for my study. In this way, I want to be able to rank the aspects of the process from 'most assistance needed' to 'least assistance needed'...
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    Likert scale data -can I use paired t-test? What about normality testing?

    Hey all! I have read many contradicting manuals and advice, so I decided to ask the best experts –you guys :) I have data from 40 subjects. I asked them to analyze eight short films (four sad ones, four neutral ones). I asked them to rate on a Likert scale 1 (not at all)-5 (very much) how much...
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    reversed, inverted items... MANOVA

    Do I necessarily need to recode my inverted (negatively worded) items before running a MANOVA? I am running the MANOVA on all items of a questionnaires to see if there is a general difference between two groups ( Hotelling's T?) and will analyse the item level afterwards. I do not fully...
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    Statistical tests to use when comparing different Likert scales?

    I am conducting a research to test for participant motivation in a social movement project. I have grouped the motives into 5 different categories such as: collective, norm-oriented, reward, identification and intrinsic. My survey questions is a series of Likert scales, where there are 3...
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    Creating a summative scale for items with different number of response categories?

    Dear TalkStats users, Let me first give you my main goal: I would like to create a summative scale that I could compare with other scales (each of these two is Likert's scale). However, I see a large obstacle to creating a summative scale: the items have a different number of response...
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    Correlation (Relationship) study survey - SPSS - Tests to be conducted?

    Hi I have collected data (n=84) for a study on the impact of non-financial reward satisfaction on employee's intention to stay in the organisation. My survey [Attached the copy of my survey] consists of 1-5 Likert Scale [V.Satisifed to V.Dissatisfied] ; Yes,maybe,no ; Importance...
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    Logistic regression in SPSS

    I have designed a question and now intend to use SPSS to run regression to analyse the results: My dependent variable is: intention to vote. Yes or No. My independent variables are: a series of question ranked on a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree. I want to test whether the...
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    Can I use ANOVA on Rstudio using a Likert Scale like questionnaire ?

    Hello, this is my first post on talkstats so hopefully I make sense. I am 'Comparing Interactive verse non-interaction education displays of Insect and Reptile and Amphibian Conservation'. I handed out a questionnaire to three different groups; a control, a group that was part of the...
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    Likert scale analysis: Help!

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm at my final bachelor year and in order to graduate, I need to write a thesis. The subject of my thesis regards the increase of narcissism due to time spent on an MMORPG and the amount of praise received in said MMORPG. In other words, my independent variables are...
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    Regression Using Likert Scales (Total Scores)

    I conducted a survey that consisted of 5 different likert scales. I totaled the scores for each scale. I would like to know if the total scores of 4 of the scales serve as predictors of the scores on the 5th scale. I am struggling to determine which regression method, if any, is most...
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    SPSS - coding confusion ( Likert scale)

    Hi) I face a problem with coding Likert scale . I read that if u have, let's say 4 statements and Likert scale( strongly disagree 1 to strongly agree 5) and one of the statment is negative u have to do reverse coding. But what if all my statements are negative what should i do??? Example...
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    Missing Data - Scale Validation

    Hi everyone, I am working to validate a 10-item scale, 5-point Likert response format in a sample of 673. Trying to find a "happy medium" for all I've been hearing about what to do with missing data. I am primarily using SPSS. My adviser wants me to delete cases missing 3 or more items...
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    What expected frequencies should I use?

    Hello, I'm in the middle of my dissertation and are struggling a little with finding the appropriate expected frequencies in a few Chi-Square tests of single variables. Example: My hypothesis is that recruiters are moderately to strongly impressed by XYZ. The null hypothesis is...
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    Comparing Multiple Groups of Likert Scale Questions

    I am attempting to determine whether my answers on various questions (from an experiment I conducted) differ from males to females (Values- 1=Male; 2=Female). There are 24 likert scale questions with the answers ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). The 24 questions can be...
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    Chi Square for Likert Scale in Single Sample

    Evening All, I do hope someone can shed some light on my fog of the chi square. I conducted a single sample survey using Likert Scale scored 1-5 (1=Strongly Agree to 5=Strongly Disagree) to survey employees in medical practices on leadership behaviors during a major transition. The goal was...
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    How can I analyse a likert scale with only one sample? Any help would be appreciate:)

    I have a likert scale (1-5) and one sample (young females). I am investigating whether they find a particular trait in a male attractive. What test could I use to analyse this? If anyone could help (and answer as simply as possible) I would be so, so thankful. Many thanks