1. consumerisms

    What statistical analysis and how?

    Hello everyone, I am studying the effects of framing on food neophobia and the purchase likelihood of novel foods. Currently, I have made a pre-test where I have 4 conditions and 1 control condition where they are pictures with messages framed a certain way (emotion-promotion...
  2. S

    Which Test of Significane to use when comapring two interfaces using likert statements?

    Hello guys, i googled so much but i can't find an answer to my question. I hope you can help me out. I have the following problem: In a user study the same participants had to use two different user interfaces for entering their preferences. Both interfaces were designed from scratch. There...
  3. K

    Sum of questionnaire score - ordinal vs interval? and choosing an inference test

    Hello there, I'm doing a module in research methods and we are required to analyse some data (provided to us) from a randomised control trial. I'm having some difficulty deciding on what stats analysis to do... Background: the primary outcome measure is the sum of scores from a 36 item...
  4. P

    Need Help Determining Analysis for Likert Scale Data

    Hello, I need help determining what analysis to run. I have 2 independent variables (a control and experimental condition) with 4 dependent variables (one scale with 4 subscales, each of which I assume should be treated as a dependent variable.) This is Likert data (ordinal) so I thought I...
  5. A

    Correlation and Regression with variables Index

    Hello, I need to create an index for the Likert items within the scale I am using in order to run a Correlation and regression test in SPSS. How do I create the Index? Thank you in advance!
  6. A

    Chi Square or T Tests for Likert Scale Type Survey

    So I have a 4 point likert-type scale with approximately 20 questions. I have categorized each item to be either agree or disagree. I mainly did this because the previous person who used this scale did this. However, that person only displayed frequency data for it and did not run any tests for...
  7. A

    Help with data analysis of 7-Point Likert Scale needed

    Dear all, I'm investigating perceptions of effective leadership of Germans and Indians. Part of the questionnaire assessed the attitude towards cultural factors of the respondent, the other part attitudes toward effective leader attributes. I have run a questionnaire and gained N=209...
  8. D

    'Likert' package plotting

    Hi everyone I've been using the 'Likert' package for a while and find it pretty good. One thing I haven't been able to resolve is how to explicitly specific the order of the grouped variables. Specifically, I have grouped my data by two time periods (month 1 and month 2), and the default is...
  9. M

    Statistical method to rank Likert-items

    Dear Readers, Currently, I am conducting a study to investigate the need for assistance with a certain process. I used a survey including Likert-items for my study. In this way, I want to be able to rank the aspects of the process from 'most assistance needed' to 'least assistance needed'...
  10. L

    Likert scale data -can I use paired t-test? What about normality testing?

    Hey all! I have read many contradicting manuals and advice, so I decided to ask the best experts –you guys :) I have data from 40 subjects. I asked them to analyze eight short films (four sad ones, four neutral ones). I asked them to rate on a Likert scale 1 (not at all)-5 (very much) how much...
  11. S

    Structural Equiation Modeling - Likert variable and fit indices

    Hello everybody! Thank you in advance for reading, and for trying to help! To put it briefly.. I am working with Structural Equiation Modeling (for the first time :S). In this study, we have 1000+ participants and we are studying the relationship between alcohol use and a personality...
  12. M

    Likert Survey -- Stat for comparing single items and sub categories

    Hello, For my dissertation I am using an existing 50 item Likert survey. I am pretty sure I will use a t-test to determine if there are differences between my two groups for the individual items. What I am not sure the 50 items are divided into 7 determine...
  13. N

    interaction continuous*dummy:possible to treat continuous variable as the moderator?

    Hey everyone. This is my first post here so please be kind to me :) . For my thesis my aim is to run a moderation analysis between organizational commitment and training. My dependent variable is job satisfaction. Org.commitment comes from 4 5-point likert-items, therefore I calculated the...
  14. S

    A 6th response option ("I don't know") added to a 5-point Likert scale. Is data lost?

    Hello, everyone, I need a little bit of help salvaging the data from a questionnaire. One of my colleagues applied a questionnaire, but inadvertently, instead of using the original 5-point Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree), he inserted a 6th answer into the scale. And, to...
  15. M

    Transforming a negatively skewed ikert scale dependent variable for ANOVA and M.Reg

    Hello, I have a negatively skewed Likert scale as my dependent variable and would like to use parametric testing (multiple regression and ANOVA). Does anyone have any advice on the best transformation? Thanks in advance.
  16. I

    How to use Likert Scale data in regression analysis?

    My knowledge about statistics is elementary and I would really appreciate some help or suggestions in solving my current problem. I am doing a dissertation and I will collect the data using a likert scale. My question is can I use that likert scale data to run a regression analysis to find out...
  17. M

    Generate weighted multidimensional index with Likert-data

    Dear all, I am a bit desperate and hope you can help me with my issue. I'm analyzing the economic attractiveness of several countries. To do so, I asked practitioners to evaluate 17 dimensions on a 1-5 (5 best) Likert-scale how important these dimensions are. In the next step I want to...
  18. D

    likert items questionnaire

    Dear all, I would like to ask for some advice regarding the data of a questionnaire i sent out. The questionnaire comprises 10 categegories. Each category consists of 8 likert items. 5 of these items are called enabler and the remaining 3 are performance items. Now, I would like to...
  19. L

    Likert Scale vs Conjoint Analysis. Which to use?

    Dear Forum professors, I am planning to conduct a questionnaire to obtain information of a tenant's perspective on management in a building. I would need to ask the tenants to fill up the questionnaire about how important they think each element in a management is. The sample size will be (n...
  20. W

    Should I split my sample?

    For my master thesis I have conducted a survey with Likert-scales. But now I'm sure which test to use to verify or falsify my hypotheses. For example, I have a hypothesis that states that: Citizens who have a negative perception towards European politics, think of lobbying of less...