linear regression

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    What is the advantage of using the regularized regression with both L-1 and L-2 penalty term?

    I have currently read an article on predicting gene expression level using genotype data. The method in this paper used the regularized linear regression as its predictive model. The point is, it has both L1 and L2 penalty terms in its objective function to be minimized. I'm aware that Elastic...
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    linear regression - how to include curve functions into my scatterplot

    or my task I have to: Draw a scatter plot 'price' (y-axis) vs. 'distance center' (x-axis). Then estimate the relationship between these 2 variables for the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the variable 'number of people' (so that you end up with six regression functions in your scatterplot)...
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    Validate Model with Bayesian Statistics and GMM

    Hi, we are currently running tests to check the robustness of a model. The dependent variable in our model is a continuous variable that indicates the time users have spent visiting a website. This has been logarithmized as it is positively skewed. The model was previously estimated using the...
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    Testing two independent variables (categorical and interval) and interactive effects on continuous data?

    Hi, I'm not sure if there is an actual statistical test for this, but I want to see how Side (Left or Right, categorical) and Depth (Interval, fixed at every 250, but I don't have data for all depths) affect a continuous parameter I have. I initially tried a multiple linear regression, I am...
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    Help deciding which spss functions to use

    I'll start off saying that stats in general has never been a strong point for me :D The variables i am using are; Gender Age Relationship Status Number of dependants Profession Neuroticism (Higher score = higher neuroticism) Affectivity (Higher score = positive; lower...
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    Multiple scores per subject

    This may be a simple question, but I am new here. I am doing a linear regression in which I have a number of subjects but each subject has multiple dependent variable scores (single variable, multiple scores per subject, not repeated measure), and each subject does not have the same number of...
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    How do I determine the minimum number of observations needed per category in categorical predictor variables?

    When conducting a simple linear regression analysis with one categorical predictor variable and power projected at .80, G*Power suggests a minimum sample size of n = 55. Now, assume that the predictor has three categories, and that I obtain 55 necessary responses. What does it mean for the...
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    Compare independent variables among different models with same dependent variable

    Hello, I am running three multiple linear regression models. In all three, the dependent variable is the democracy index score of a range of countries over several years that the EU has agreements with. I use three independent variables in each model. Two of those are the same in each model: a...
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    Multiple Linear Regression

    Hello, I am an MBA student and require help doing a multiple linear regression analysis using spss, check if I uploaded the data with the correct options and how to interpret the data and results. I have 2 independent variables and 1 dependent variable. Thanks!
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    How to interpret log differences in a partial log-log regression

    I'm currently trying to understand the relationship between firm performance and various independent variables (e.g. firm size, firm profits..). Now, the regression I'm estimating looks like the following: Δlog(firm_performance) = α + β1 Δlog(firm_size) + β2(other_variable) + ε Where Δ...
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    Linear regression assumption

    How can I handle heteroskedasticity?
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    checking assumptions

    Hi, I am not really able to understand whether the basic assumptions of linear regression are met (I'm kind of a novice). I have a dataset that is big enough (as far as I understand), a series of significants coefficients (both individually and togheter) and an adjusted R-squared over 0.9...
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    Linear vs nonlinear regression doubt

    Hello, I am currently working on a study about how much time a chess engine should think per move in a chess game. The inputs (known data) would be how much time is left (in seconds), the evaluation of the engine (centipawns) and the move that is being made. My question is: is it a multiple...
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    What test should i use? THESIS HELP!!

    Hi, I am currently studying Zoology at university. I am currently in my final year conducting my dissertation. I have completed my data collection and I am now on to my statistics. My dissertation looks at the relationship between light intensity and growth rate in marine sponges. I have 5...
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    Minimum Sample size for multiple linear regression

    Hi, I tried to calculate the minimum sample size for multiple linear regression. I tried to check the sample size for predictors=4, effect size f=0.2/d=0.2, sig.level =0.05, power=0.8 1. When I checked the power of the entire model (F power) n=304 2. When I checked the power of one...
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    How to report linear regression results (Matlab)?

    Hello, I performed a simple linear regression analysis in Matlab and am unsure about how to report the results. I definitely mention the coefficients and the p-value, but do I mention the t-statistics as well? And if so, how exactly? This is an example Matlab output:
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    Logistic regression curve looks like linear regression

    Hi, I performed a linear as well as a logistic regression analysis (both with Matlab) and plotted those. Now the logistic regression curve is very linear and can be described by the same function as the linear regression. I explain the linearity by the fact that it is only a very small fraction...
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    Adequate subsample size to represent sample regression

    I am performing an engineering analysis to find out the effect of earthquake on concrete buildings. Analysis applies earthquake forces on building model for 50 earthquakes, resulting into separate 50 analyses. Earthquake intensity is independent variable of study. building drift, extracted from...
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    Linear regression in genetics, interactions

    Dear All, I am searching for the association between a phenotype (PHEN) and the additive genetic model (ADD, with the values 0,1 and 2) with two adjustors, Year of Birth (numeric) and COUNTY (catergory). The data has been weighted for the year of birth. In R I use the next command...
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    How to Test for Co-integration with the Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test?

    Hi everyone. The table above contains two example factories that I would like to test for cointegration using the augmented dickey-fuller test. I intentionally use this short time series because I want to do the calculations by hand. Below you will see my attempt to carry out this procedure and...