link function

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    Link = log code won't work

    Hi, doing a generalised linear model with poisson distribution, here is my model code... model<-glm(carnivore_abundance~altitude_1+dist_stream+canopy_openess+basal_area+dist_large_river,family=poisson,data=main_data) really frustratingly whenever I try to add link=log is doesn't work it...
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    Unimodal Link-function possible?

    Hi, using a GLM model (e.g. a Poisson regression), there are various link functions available in statistical packages. However, I don't find an unimodal depedency ("Normal/Gaussian link"), and I always have to approximate an unimodal relationship with polynomial terms. Does somebody know why...
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    Appropriate link-function in a Poisson Model

    Hi, does somebody know why the log-link function is always assumed to be the "standard" link function in Poisson models? E.g. regarding count data (such as numbers of individuals), under which circumstances does it make sense to assume that the response variable increases exponentially with a...
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    Logistic regression probabilities

    Hi I have built a logistic regression model that predicts the response probability from a marketing campaign. The model ranks correctly (i.e. the lower scored customers take up the offer less often than higher scored customers), but the probabilities predicted by the model are never the same...
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    What is a link function (in English)

    In generalized linear models there are link functions. I would like if someone could explain the concept to me. Thanks!
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    Very long post - need help thanks

    Dear All, I am writing to you because I have got a lot of troubles with some concepts regarding Generalised Linear Models. I need to understand it by the January 2012. I hope it is possible. I am currently getting through one of the books regarding generalised linear models in a pretty much...
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    glm link function HELP! To gaussian, or not to gaussian, that is the question...

    Please ignore question no longer need help - thank you for all of your responses!