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    Help with interpreting Linear Mixed Models - ignore p-value, just go on B-estimate?

    I have been given advice that I should always interpret the relationships shown in the model of best fit, from having run a linear mixed model, regardless of the p-value. I want to do this anyway, as some of my moderator/predictor variables didn't quite reach significance. But I know my...
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    Help with contrasts in MIXED MODELS

    Hi! Hope you are all okay and safe! First of all, my English is not perfect, so if I said something wrong I am sorry for that. I am having troubles with the /test subcommand in linear mixed models I am working with a database in a long format, with 2 groups (intervention vs control) and 3...
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    Linear mixed model without random or repeated effects? GLMZ?

    Hi, I'm working on a dissertation, of which many chapters have longitudinal data and I've been using linear mixed models to estimate growth. I also have some non-longitudinal data (i.e. cross-sectional) that I'd like to estimate growth with in a similar way. The cross-sectional data spans a...