logisitc regression

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    Generalised Ordered Logit Model

    I've taken interest in the generalised ordered logit model (the gologit2 command in stata) I'm trying to convert this linear equation: Ηij = β0 + β1Χij + β2μj + ∑q γqΖqij + εij into a generalised ordered logit regression equation. Where H = happiness, X = absolute income, u =...
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    Running Logistic Regression with Random Effects in SPSS (not Multilevel)

    HI! I'm really confused with how to run my logistic regression model (I have a dichotomous dependent and 8 nominal cat/continuous independent variables), I also have 3 separate random variables which I want to include in the model. I've looked at mixed model analysis but it's not a multilevel...