logistic regression spss

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    Cohort and case-control study

    Hi! I am in great need of advice. Is it possible to report the results form a Cohort study along with results from a case-control study, if the case-control originated form the cohort? For example, there is a primary outcome that I want to evaluate in my cohort study, where there are 400...
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    SPSS Regression - Independent Variable excluded

    Hello, I was running a linear multiple regression as well as a logistic multiple regression in SPSS. After that when looking at the results, I realised that in each regression, one independent variable was automatically excluded by SPSS. Did we do something wrong here or what do we have to do...
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    Paired variables?

    In our research on apprenticeships in early modern times, we have a series of observations (cases), each with several variables. Each observation is unique because of its combination of the variables "student name" and "starting date of the apprenticeship" (a certain "student name" can occur in...
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    wilcoxon mann whitney or t-test with same results

    ut i've read you need to have 3 categories at least for this ?
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    Logistic Regression Models Without Main Effects?

    Hi there, I am building logistic regression models measuring human behaviour, which consist of categorical variables: demographics, conditions, and interactions between the demographics and the condition variable. The big issue is that as per my theory tested I am not interested at all in the...