logit regression

  1. M

    For a Binomial Logit Regression, should I run Categorical IV's in a Simple or Multiple Logit Model?

    Hi All, I'm a professor working on a research project that explores the relationship between politicians' facial expressions in social media images and the performance of those posts. I never had much stats training, so looking for help here on whether I should run the IV's in a binary logit...
  2. T

    Conditional logit (with a different number of alternatives for each case)?

    Dear all, I have a question about conditional logit analysis, in particular analysis based on a McFadden-type choice model. I am using a model of firm relocation destination county choice using a 19th century panel dataset, with the main explanatory variables being county-specific variables...
  3. K

    Logit Model_Predictive Regression

    I want to know your mind about one point related to logit regression model. I am using logit model for my analyzing. My key independent variable is the lagged; hence, it is predictive regression. So, my dependent variable is 0 and 1. These 0 and 1 is related to the time of the day. To make it...
  4. M

    Logit Transformation: Interpreting the Coefficients

    Hi all, I'm currently doing an empirical project in econometrics. I examine the effect of globalisation and some other control variables on poverty, doing OLS cross section given a sample of 74 countries (OECD and highly industrialized countries are excluded). Now I have quite a problem...
  5. N

    'mixlogit' and 'gmnl' commands not working with binary dataset

    Hello, My thesis is about Hybrid choice and multinomial logit. I´m using both commands 'mixlogit' and 'gmnl' in Stata for a dataset that: - Includes 12 choice tasks per person (a total of 81 respondents). - 3 different choices for each choice task - Just one answer must be selected (each...
  6. V

    Compare the estimated model with the model with intercept-only

    The question is: How do the test to compare the estimated model with the model with intercept-only ? How can I comment on the result ? I think we need to calculate the test F... I read several notes, but I can not understand how I do . The idea is to take Null deviance and Residual Deviance...
  7. M

    Ordinal regression (logit) with selection variable?

    Hi all, want to do an ordered logit regression. I have data from different sources and need to use the source as a selection variable for the dependent variable (only for the dependent variable, not for the regressors!). I know how to do this for a linear regression. Is there a way to do this...
  8. B

    How to analyze dichotomous DV with between- and within-subjects factors?

    Hello everybody, I am designing a study and need to make sure I'll be able to analyze the data (or else I will modify the design). For the analysis, I would have a dichotomous dependent variable (correct/incorrect) and 3 factors. One of the factors is age group, a between-subjects factor with...
  9. IanB

    Stata Help Wanted

    Hello, Can someone offer some help with Stata. I need to know the following. 1) which are independent and which are dependent variables. 2) how to build a model using the variables I can post the spreadsheet and pay for help. I can supply my email address and Skype if suitable, or send me a...
  10. A

    Regression analysis of ranked data

    The depended variable is Binary data and independent variables are ranks from 1 to 5. What methods i suppose to use in order to see relationship between these variables? If yes, then is there any preliminary analysis needed? Thanks,
  11. Phaedrus

    Graphically check linearity in logit regression

    Hi all, I am running a logit regression where the outcome variable is binary. I am interested in checking, graphically, whether the relationship between a given predictor and my dependent variable is (more or less linear). I understand that the logit of the outcome ought to be linear, not the...