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    Difference between Mann-Kendall and Pearsons Correlation to obtain p-value

    Hi, I am carrying out an analysis about Vegetation and Time. I did a simple linear regression and I got the correlation between both variables (Pearsons). Now, I would like to get the significance of the data. I got the significance (p-value) carrying out "Pearsons Correlation" but my question...
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    Mann-Kendall - Data

    Dear Everyone, I am currently use Mann-Kendall Test to test on Stream Flow. I would like to ask, Is there any rule or minimum requirement of data (years) in order to run Mann-Kendall test at monthly scale? If I have only 8 years of daily stream flow, can I run Mann-Kendall? Best Regards
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    Mann-Kendall Trend Test

    Dear members, I have annual time series (63 years) and I've performed Mann-Kendall test on my data. The Lag-1 serial correlation is not significant. So, I've used three package to compare the results, and I've confused! * ZYP package: If Lag-1 serial correlation is significant, it uses Yuepilon...
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    Non-parametric test for trend suggestions needed

    Hello, I am conducting trend analysis on rainfall time series using the Mann-Kendall rank correlation coefficient (tau). I would like to also use another non-parametric test to increase the reliability of the results, but I am having trouble finding a suitable test. I don't have a dataset...
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    Trend Analysis: Mann Kendall

    I doing trend analysis on rainfall using mann-kendall. I have daily rainfall data for 60 years. My p value is close to 0 which indicates that there is a trend in data. But the slope (sen's slope) is also 0 or in some cases 0.000008. How does one interpret these results? Shouldn't the...
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    Split Vector and apply Mann Kendall test

    I have a long vector of financial time series information, price and volume. I expand the price vector based on the volume vector so I essentially get a price per share traded, and so only one vector is analyzed. I would like to split this vector into lengths of 17500 each, and apply the...
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    p value interpretation in Mann-Kendall test

    Hi, I am performing a Mann-Kendall test on a set of a data. and I got a p value of 0.15 so it means the null hypothesis of NO TREND is not rejected. Does it mean that it it accepted and there is no trend in my data or it should be 0.95 to say that there is no trend in my data? how this p value...
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    Parametric test results vs Non-parametric test results - interpretation help please?

    :wave: Hello, thank you so much for your help. I am currently working on an article about trends in streamflow in watersheds with different land use change over time. For this I need to analyze trends in streamflow parameters over time. Both non-parametric and parametric tests were applied...