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    repeated measures MANOVA - 3 measurements in time - interpretation

    Hello, I am running a repeated measures MANOVA (in SPSS) to determine whether there are statistically significant differences in a group over time (pre-intervention, post-intervention, and 1 month follow up). After entering all the variables in for all 3 measurements, the multivariate...
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    actual prices and two predictions -> ANOVA or MANOVA?

    Hello everybody, I'm unsure which stats to use for the following problem: I've got a list of prices for stocks of a certain date. In that list I also have two predictions for prices for the same date. I want to see which prediction is better and whether there is a difference in predictive...
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    Multivariate analysis with dependent variables and replicates

    Dear All, I have been stuck in this issue for 2nd day now. I have a dataset of 13 depended variables (consequitive (not repeated!) measurment ("profiles" from one batch of product) and there are 3 batches (replicates) and within each batch there are 10 containers. So I am dealing with...
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    MANOVA with repeated measures in R

    Hello, I need an help in performing a MANOVA in R, but I encountered some problems both in the design and in the synthax with R. I conducted a listening experiment in which 16 participants had to rate the audio stimuli along 5 scales representing an emotion (sad, tender, neutral, happy and...
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    Hi, I’ve performed a MANOVA but cannot perform a box test (because I have fewer subjects per factor than dependent variables). I was wondering if there is an alternative to the box test I can use to ensure my data meet the assumptions of the test and/or is it OK to effectively glance over...
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    kolmogorov-smirnov + Liker = MANOVA

    I was told that if my likert scale data passes kolmogorov-smirnov then I can use MANOVA. That is cool, but I need a reference to this. Does anyone know of any books or papers that demonstrates/ supports this? I need this reference to complete my PhD thesis.
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    Hi All, I am an acoustics researcher, conducting an experiment about the effect of certain sounds on restoration of ability to pay attention. I am using the Sustained Attention to Response Test (SART). In similar studies, after which I am modeling my experiment, the setup is as follows...
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    Multiple ANOVA or MANOVA or MANCOVA?

    I have collected data on a set of student variables in an undergraduate course (GPA, frequency of participation in class discussion, homework completion, exam performance, and year in school). My main hypotheses pertained to exam performance and homework completion (using different reinforcement...
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    MANOVA main effects and single effect contrasts

    Mixed design ANOVA main effects and single effect contrasts Hello, This is my first time posting, I hope you can help me. I employed a Mixed design ANOVA as part of a study: Between-group factor: participant group 2 (depressed, never depressed) Within-group factor: retrieval mode 2...
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    How do I compare variance and covariance accross groups (MANOVA)?

    Hello everyone, As you'll guess, I'm pretty clueless in statistics, but I do try my best... So I'm doing a MANOVA, my sample sizes are all over the place, normality is violated and obviously Box's test is significant as well, so I read that Tabachnick and Fidell (2007) say that I need to check...
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    repeated measures MANOVA

    Does anyone know how to do a repeated measures MANOVA in SPSS v20? It has the option for repeated measures, but does not give an option for anything other than a univariate. Everything that I am reading points to MANOVA as being the better choice (and it makes sense with my data), but I'm...
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    Can a Mixed Model MANOVA Be Run from Long Form Dataset?

    Hello, I'm hoping to run a mixed model MANOVA with 1 BSF (2 levels) and 1 WSF (3 time points). Right now, the whole database is set up in long format. Is it possible to run this analysis when the data is in long format? Or is it necessary that I convert it all to wide format? Thank you for...
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    how to do a contrast analysis for an interaction between two within subjects effects?

    Hello! I have a quite simple data pattern but find it hard to test a specific contrast I expected. I have 2 within subjects factors, each with two levels. Let's call them reward (high vs. low) and task pressure (high vs. low), while the dependent variable is performance (see the example GLM...
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    10 different events --> moderator --> 9 symptoms

    Hey folks! I have a rather complicated analysis to compute, and am not 100% sure how best to do it. Design & Variables (1) Longitudinal study, large sample, 5 measurement points every three months. At first measurement point big test battery, and consecutive measurement points...
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    Analyzing carryover effects

    Hey There, I am a graduate student, currently working on my Master’s thesis. I am attempting to analyze differential carryover effects for a within-subjects design. I have three conditions, counterbalanced of course, and I would like to see how early exposure to one or two conditions affects...
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    MANCOVA with all predictors being continuous variables - how to follow-up?

    Dear Stats Experts, I would be most grateful for any thoughts on the following: I have a cross-sectional dataset with 7 outcome variables from 100 subjects. The outcome variables are of equal theoretical priority and are moderately correlated. I chose MANCOVA because I am interested in the...
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    MANOVA Sig. Interaction but no Sig. simple main effects - How to proceed?

    Hi All, I'm running a study on delay discounting. My predictor variables are induction condition (stress vs. relaxation) and reward responsiveness (high vs. low). The dependent variables were proportion of immediate choices on two laboratory measures of discounting. I ran a MANOVA and got...
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    [JMP 9] Manova with controlling variables

    Hi there, Where (in which box) do I add control variables running a Manova (fit model) in JMP 9? Thank you gav
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    Pointers for a 2x2 Discriminant Analysis? Can you do multiple DAs on the same MANOVA?

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could point me in the direction for help on performing a DA on a two-factor (2 IVs each with 2 groups) design. I've got the 2-way MANOVA done and found a significant interaction term, and I was wondering whether there was a better way to handle the data other...
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    Box's test in MANOVA

    Hi, I have run MANOVA with 3 groups in the independent variables and 8 variables for the dependent variables. I have 4, 5, 5 subjects in each group respectively. In the output, I get this message. Box's Test of Equality of Covariance Matrices is not computed because there are fewer than...