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    Statistical Tests

    I am currently completing my dissertation and I need to compare some wave data. I have the forecast wave heights and the actual wave heights. I need to find how accurate the forecast wave heights were and therefore need the correct statistical test or multiple! Thank you, Jess
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    Regression: DV is Revenue and IDV is cost. (Very High MAPE)

    Need help on one of the modelling assignment. My dependent variable is Revenue and the independent variable is Cost beside some other variables like Temperature etc. My concern is about how shall i improve the MAPE given that the revenue does not behave in a particular pattern with regards...
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    How to find MAPE for a regression model

    After creating a linear regression model in SPSS, how can I find the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) and maximum absolute percentage error (MaxAPE) for the model? This is done in the Forecasting module, but only for time series, it seems.
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    memory-based model evaluation

    hey all :) I have a set of predicted and a set of real values for variable X in range {-2,2}. the model used for the prediction was NOT regression but memory based (that is, based on a distance metric I chose the closest neighbor and assigned its value to the query sample) So I ended up...