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    how to obtain p-value from test statistic

    I am familiar with how to obtain the p-value from the t-statistic - the t-statistic is calculated by looking at the difference in means in two samples. Then, one has to integrate over a t-distribution from -t-statistic to +t-statistic and if the area under the curve is >0.95, then one can...
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    finite Mixture of exponential in matlab

    Hi all can any body here help me with ((finite Mixture of exponential in matlab)) I want to simulate it in matlab or R for any given data ?
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    [Mathematica] ANY help would be appreciated

    Hi guys, I am very frustrated, mainly because my knowledge of Mathematica is abysmally low. I want to calculate the expected value of ln(x), where X is gamma(a,b) distributed, but it would seem that my Mathematica is bi-polar. I don't need the whole derivation, I only need the final...