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    Books for Stats

    Hi All I am doing the MBA program. We have stats in our syllabus. I have strong mathematics background, however, I am not finding enough books to practice stats from. The questions we get aren't direct. We always get questions with a data set, which we solve using Excel/Data...
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    Hi all, I recently discovered an interest in statistics and playing with Stata a lot. I just want to play around with more datasets from different industries with different perculiarities to get a deeper understanding of the concepts and commands. Please send some my way and would be nice...
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    Hypothesis testing of two data series

    Hi, I am new to this forum. :wave: I have a basic understanding of statistics from a module at university. I am currently pursuing research in management, but I have a serious problem with selecting the right statistical method. I would be very grateful if somebody could suggest me the right...