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    Moderation or Mediation?

    Hi, sorry i'm a psychology student and still new to advanced statistics. For my dissertation i'm thinking of looking at the relationship between cosmetic surgery game exposure and body image in young teenagers - however i'm also wanting to look at how self-esteem can affect this relationship...
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    SEM Mediation using bootstrapping approach

    Hi, I am performing mediation analysis using structural equation modelling (I'm using the lavaan package in 'R'). I am using the bootstrapping approach (rather than the causal steps approach) and just wanted to clarify two things; 1) My understanding is that using this approach, the the...
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    Mediation Analysis Multiple Independent and Dependent Variables with process tool

    Hi all, I am currently looking into the process tool by hayes. I have installed it and would like to have more than 1 independent and dependent variable. Is there any way to add more than one independent and dependent variable? The tool only allows 1 for each in spss. If not, can anyone...
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    Mediation Output with Process

    Hi, I am investigating a variable for its effect as a mediator with SPSS and Process but I have problems interpreting the output. First I examined the following relationship: IV1 -> M -> DV My IV is not significant on M. But M is significant on my DV. So neither the total effect nor the...
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    Identify Outlier

    Hi, I need help to identify outlier for my research project :) Model: 2x2 moderated mediation 1.) IV: both are nominal (rich vs. poor & public vs. privat) --> 4 scenarios were created -- one of the IV is a moderator (public vs. privat) 2.) two mediators (interval scale) 3.) two DVs (interval...
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    Help for mediation

    Hi, my research question is: "Can we say that the number of hours of Internet use increases with Internet purchase? This influence of Internet purchase on the number of use can it be explained by an attitude becoming more favorable to as we know Internet? " my variables are: - Use of Internet...
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    Quick Mediation Analysis Question

    Hi Everyone, I have a quick question about interpreting a mediation analysis from Hayes' PROCESS macro. After running a mediation analysis, I know that I have full mediation (from the LLCI and ULCI), but I don't know how to interpret the relationship. Does the IV cause the mediator to...
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    2-Step Mediation With Multi-level Data

    Hello, I have data in which each participant responded 5 times to some questions. We want to run a mediation model in with X --> M1 --> M2 --> Y, but we want to account for the fact that M1, M2 and Y are nested within participants. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
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    Which method?

    Hello friends of statistic, first of all - sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother language :( ... Here is my problem. I have to make a study about helping behavior and I'm not sure which method I have to use. Scenario: A man with (low/high) status is helping (public/private shown). My...
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    Mediaton Analysis

    Hey people, I am trying to find an appropriate mediation analysis method. I want to investigate how an INTERACTION of two variables mediates the association of two different variables. I have read about mediation analysis with one or multiple mediators, but nothing about an interaction as the...
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    Mediation analysis for two correlated mediators

    Hey people, I am trying to find an appropriate mediation analysis method. I want to investigate how an INTERACTION of two variables mediates the association of two different variables. I have read about mediation analysis with one or multiple mediators, but nothing about an interaction as the...
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    Between Subjects Experimental Design- How to analyse

    I have conducted an experiment with 2 conditions, 50 people in each condition. Each person completed a booklet of tasks and self-report measures (the same booklet in each condition). I have conducted a simple T-test and have found significant differences between the two conditions on the...
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    Multilevel Mediation

    Hi, I have 130 participants and have multilevel data (5 days nested in each participant). I need to do a cross-level mediation (2-1-1) & am having trouble with the best way to do this using MLM in SPSS. I think the best way would be to use latent growth modelling or multilevel SEM but I don't...
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    Mplus code for testing mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation type hypotheses

    79 different model configurations gradually being added here, with diagrams, equations/algebra for calculating effects, and Mplus code for testing conditional indirect and direct effects Enjoy!
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    Multiple Mediation Model using INDIRECT Macro Vs. Amos - different results!

    Hi, I have a multiple mediation model with 1 IV, 6 mediators, and 1 DV (all are continuous variables). I also have one covariate to control for. I ran a mediation analysis using those variables (plus the covariate) using INDIRECT macro by Preacher & Hayes. Two of my partial mediations were...
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    How to do Mediation across pre-post timepoints?

    Hi all, I am looking into analyzing potential mediation and not sure how to approach it with two timepoints. For some context, participants are measured at two timepoints: pretreatment (T1) and posttreatment (T2). All participants receive the same treatment. At pre and post, they complete...
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    Mediation analysis after multiple imputation

    Hi, after multiple imputation how do i do a mediation analysis? Do i simply obtain the product term using the pooled coefficient for X--> M (a) and M--> Y (b) and its std. error from the separate linear regression analysis to calculate using the MacKinnon (2002) method? I was not able to find...
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    Mediation, Bootstrapping and Sample Size

    I'm new to statistics overall, and even newer to mediation but I'm attempting to analyze data using Process for SPSS. Before anything else, do I need a specific minimum sample size and how do I determine this? Does bootstrapping take care of this, and then, how many bootstrapping samples do I...
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    Multiple regression then Sobel for mediation

    Hi, I am doing a mediation analysis. I first ran a multiple regression for IV (2 variables) to mediator. I want to do a Sobel test and use the unstandardized coefficient of the 2 IVs combined. However, I'm not sure where do find that number. Is it the "constant" Is it the R? Is it...
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    Do i need to correct for family wise error when doing moderation and mediation?

    Hi, I've been analyzing data for moderating and mediating relationships and am wondering how necessary it is to correct for family wise error in moderation and mediation analysis. I have read arguments for and against correction for family wise error in the literature. My moderation/mediation...