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    Graph trend line from meta-analysis (multiple pooled studies)

    Hi! I have searched the web and have found no convincing answer, although this should be pretty easy. My question separates into 2: 1- Is it reasonable to trace a trend line of the evolution of a parameter over time from the pooling of different studies, each of which do not contain all time...
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    Creating Z-Scores for Meta-Analysis

    I will be conducting a meta-analysis that compares post-treatment changes in depression between the control and intervention groups. I have the Mean, SD, and N for depression at both time-points. Since different studies used measures to assess depression, I was planning to convert the change...
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    Likelihood ratio or wald test for meta-analysis

    Hi there! This is my first time posting but I've always been a frequent lurker on previous posts that have been super helpful, so apologies if I'm not following any appropriate etiquette. I am working on an RNA sequencing project and looking have different outputs, which provides either a...
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    Regression analysis across multiple data sets

    Hi All. I'm new to this forum but I have a background in stats and in business/social science research. I'm in the early stages of designing a research study that will analyze a large dataset for about 100 publicly traded companies. There will be about 10-20 independent variables for each...
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    calculating standard error and variance of correlation estimates

    Hi all I understand that to calculate the standard error of correlation estimates converted into fishers z scores you need to follow - 1/(√N−3) Now I have the standard error , I am wondering how I calculate the variance please? Thanks
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    Converting spearmans r to fishers z for meta analysis ; Correcting for range in meta analysis

    Hi all I am conducting a meta analysis of pearsons r correlations but I have a study with a spearmans rank correlation. I was converting the pearsons correlations into fishers z scores to conduct the meta analysis , then to be converted back into correlations, but I am wondering if I am able to...
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    Meta-analysis using revman

    I was wondering if someone can help me with a meta-analysis using revman 5.3. I would like to switch from quadas to quadas2 but this link seems to be missing from the General tab. Has anyone had the same problem?
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    Average effect size between factors and within an experimental condition

    Dear all, I am interested in an average effect size between heart rate and anxiety. Anxiety is separated in 2 factors (F1 and F2), and I would like to combine the correlations of those factors into one correlation. In addition, I also have the correlations between heart rate and anxiety...
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    Comparing pooled data

    I have started a meta analysis comparing the complication rates of different treatments of distal radius fractures. I have pooled the complication rates (n/N) for each treatment separately using the inverse variance method, the DerSimonian-Laird estimator for tau^2, logit transformation...
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    Non-comparative studies in a meta-analysis

    I am currently busy with the statitics of a meta-analysis using non-comparative studies. Therefor I used the RevMan tool by Cochrane Initiative. But because the studies van non-comparative it does not work. I tried it in different ways, but I can't make it work. Can someone help me pool this...
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    Can I combine univariate and multivariate HR?

    Hi guys. I'm doing a meta-analysis of survival based on a blood marker, and not all the studies have provided a multivariate hazard ratio. Some have given a univariate hazard ratio (usually where it is not significant) and I would like to put them into the random effects analysis also. Should I...
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    Meta Analysis-Scales

    Hi, I am new into meta analysis and doing research on spirituality in organizations. I want to collect all scales and their results(on dimension base) about spiritual well-being and calculate each dimension's effect size. It seems to be some sort of literature review to me, is it meta...
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    Reporting participant numbers for meta analysis

    Hi there, I am hoping you may be able to help me with a query I have. I am conducting a meta analysis on Random Control Trials using REVMAN. I have secondary data I am trying to input.I wanted to know whether participants are added up in each condition if there are multiple trials or whether...
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    General inverse variance method

    Hi I hope I've posted this in the right place. I'm converting standardised mean differences to log OR for a meta-analysis. Just wanting to know can I combine log OR with the standard OR I have from papers? Or would I need to convert the OR's from papers into log ORs for analysis...
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    Appropriate p-value correction in two cohort meta-analysis (discovery / validation)

    Dear all, I would like to request your help and opinions on a meta-analysis setup utilizing two completely independent cancer cohorts, where one acts as discovery data set, while the other is meant as validation cohort. To 'integrate' both cohorts, I would like to select genes by FDR in...
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    Coding Group Equivalency on Pre-Treatment Measures for Meta-Analysis?

    Hello- I am constructing a code book for a meta-analysis. I only want to include evaluations where program and comparison groups were reasonably well matched on pre-existing differences in key variables, such as age, prior educational achievement, etc. Any recommendations on what statistic to...
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    Suggestions for model fit with unusual data set?

    Good morning, I'm struggling to fit a satisfactory model to a data set I have resulting from a systematic review. I performed a systematic review of estimated $ valuations of grasslands and the services they provide. All grasslands provide all services, but some studies only value one of...
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    Preparing for Meta Analysis

    Hello Everybody, I am a physician and a researcher, have been studying the meta-analysis subject for a while now, and we are in the process to perform a metanalysis in the cardiology field in these days. Here it is a basic summary: although there are a lot of publications trying to...
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    Combining two ORs with the same control group

    Hi everybody. I am doing a meta-analysis of observational studies. As the disease I am working on has different stages, some of the studies reported ORs(95%CI) for each stage separately in comparison to a single (shared) control population. I wonder if we can combine these two ORs (and their...
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    Data-fusion / Meta-analysis

    Description I have three separate test I perform over the course of an interview. At the end of the interview the tests analyze their respective data and spit out an assessment that says the person being interviewed was excited by the interview or annoyed by the interview along with a...