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    Meta-analysis with dependent samples

    Dear Forum, for my thesis I would like to conduct a meta-analysis with the aim to summarize the findings about the effectiveness of a political measure. The corresponding studies compare countries in which the measure was implemented with countries in which it was not implemented and calculate...
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    Heterogeneity calculation based on odds ratios and confidence intervals

    Hi, I wonder if you might be able to help with testing for heterogeneity (Cochran's q or I-squred) in meta-analysing genotypic odds ratios in two groups from two different genetic associations studies of the same phenotype. (This question pertains to genetics, but the principle, I believe, is...
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    Trial sequential analysis of noninferiority randomized control trials

    Hello, anyone out there familiar with Trial Sequential Analysis (TSA) software developed by Copenhagen Trial Unit? The free software is available at: Manual is available here: Summary of my questions up here: 1. How...
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    Converting spearmans r to fishers z for meta analysis ; Correcting for range in meta analysis

    Hi all I am conducting a meta analysis of pearsons r correlations but I have a study with a spearmans rank correlation. I was converting the pearsons correlations into fishers z scores to conduct the meta analysis , then to be converted back into correlations, but I am wondering if I am able to...
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    Meta-analysis using revman

    I was wondering if someone can help me with a meta-analysis using revman 5.3. I would like to switch from quadas to quadas2 but this link seems to be missing from the General tab. Has anyone had the same problem?
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    What statistical techniques to apply when comparing cronbach's alpha in a Meta-analysis

    I am doing a meta-analysis in which I am comparing 3 outcomes measures across multiple studies: (1) Cronbach's alpha (2) Kappa coefficient or Interclass correlation coefficient (depending on which study chose what measure) (3) Spearman Rank Correlation coefficient or Pearson correlation...
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    Effect Size - Cohen's D calculation

    I had a question about how to calculate Cohen's D a particular situation for my meta-analysis. I am a first year grad student, so my familiarity with statistics is somewhat limited! The study design - participants are assigned to one of two groups (parallel design), but not a true RCT because...
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    Meta-analysis for Pre vs Post (Which SD to use)

    Hello everyone, I have extracted data from longitudinal studies that have collected data on pre and post time points. All studies have same time period. So I have got N_pre Mean_Pre SD_Pre N_post Mean_Post SD_Post In order to compute the standardised or unstandardised Mean...
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    Use treatment effect as input for meta-analysis, not 2 groups

    Hey, I'm new to R and currently trying to teach myself how to use it with various guides. Problem is, none of the guides cover the scenario I'm dealing with, they all assume that for a meta-analysis you have outcome data for both the control and treatment groups. I would like to use the...
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    meta-analysis vs. random effect combined analysis

    I have data from 200 similar studies, all measuring the same effect of a continuous independent variable on the same continuous response. I say similar because the designs are different (split plot vs. rcbd) and the levels of the independent variable is not the same across all studies. I have...
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    Meta-analysis - Can I investigate mediation effects for the effectiveness of training

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on my Master thesis on moderators and mediators for the effectiveness of cross-cultural training (CCT). I am actually writing a literature review, but want to end my thesis by judging to what extent the included studies could also be compared...
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    Adjustment for correlated data in meta-anlaysis

    Hi, I'm completing a systematic review and performing meta-anlaysis forest plots. The research question related to the finding of risk factors for a complication of diabetes. There are therefore many different risk factors and often there are only three papers with similar...
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    [STATA - gsem] Multilevel Structural Equation Model - Meta Analysis

    Hello, I am quite familiar with mixed effects (multilevel models) in meta analyses. Now, I want to do a mixed effects (multilevel) meta analysis structural equation model (MASEM) with STATA and the gsem package because my data format is long. My data look like: `id studyId...
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    Meta-analysis of diagnostic test using MCMC

    Hi. Is there some good hands-on tutorial about running MCMC analysis for the meta-analysis of diagnostic tests? Is it inbuilt STATA Bayesian analysis is sufficient for this task or is necessary to install some additional patch? Thanks!
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    Using Pre-Post data in a meta-analysis

    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best way to calculate an effect size for a single-group design when I do not know the pair-wise correlation or standard deviation for the difference scores. I have received mixed messages as to whether or not I can use the formula for independent measures...
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    Meta-analysis to compare 3 randomized control trials?

    I'm proposing to evaluate an outcome in three completed randomized controlled trials. The primary goal is to analyze a new outcome in each data set separately (i.e., 3 separate papers). A secondary aim is to compare across the three trials to see which intervention type was most effective...
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    Multiple intervention groups for meta-analysis help

    Hi everybody I'm conducting a meta-analysis, and some papers have 2 or 3 intervention groups in addition to the control. I read that I should possibly split the control group equally and examine as separate outcomes. Also, would it be as simple as splitting the control equally, and...
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    percentages or adjusted odds ratio on revman help

    Hi Hi, I'm new to meta-analyses and revman and would really appreciate your help! I have data from an article I wish to add to revman. They have given an adjusted odds ratio, percentages of the event, and the total number of participants in each group. I thought that if I had the...
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    Coding Group Equivalency on Pre-Treatment Measures for Meta-Analysis?

    Hello- I am constructing a code book for a meta-analysis. I only want to include evaluations where program and comparison groups were reasonably well matched on pre-existing differences in key variables, such as age, prior educational achievement, etc. Any recommendations on what statistic to...
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    Which method is best for synthesising effectiveness data of interventions?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction... I want to combine the findings of several different primary research studies to identify how effective different kinds of interventions are at increasing physical activity levels. At first, I...