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    Meta-analysis using revman

    I was wondering if someone can help me with a meta-analysis using revman 5.3. I would like to switch from quadas to quadas2 but this link seems to be missing from the General tab. Has anyone had the same problem?
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    adjustment for multiple comparisons in meta-analysis

    I wrote a meta-analysis on the use of two different drug regimens on the symptoms associated to endometriosis. Four papers were included in the meta-analysis. The two regimens were evaluated as to the results in four outcomes: recurrence of the disease as seen at ultrasonography during...
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    Meta-analysis: different information about relationships between two variables

    Hello everyone I need help with my meta-analysis. I have collected all the studies that I wish to include and would like to take Pearson's correlation as effect size. However, many of the studies do not report correlations, but rather path analysis or SEM coefficients or regression...