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    restriction on imputed value in MICE

    I have a question about multiple imputation in R using MICE program. How can I put a restriction on the imputed value of a variable (e.g., variable A) smaller than the value of another no missing variable (e.g., variable D)? what is the code? More specifically, if I have a dataset (dataj)...
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    Multiple Imputation in R on variable with repeated measurements

    Hello! I am working with an occupation cohort exposed to radiation and have a dataset containing a number of variables on each worker, including their job title, year of birth, radiation exposure level, and the date on which the radiation sample was collected. Some of the radiation exposure...
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    Correlation and multiple imputation

    Dear all, I have been attempting to use multiple imputation (MI) to handle missing data in my study. I use the mice package in R for this. The deeper I get into this process, the more I realize I first need to understand some basic concepts which I hope you can help me with. For example...