missing case data in spss

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    System missing value

    I have a data from 340 respondents that I key into SPSS. But the problem is the result of descriptive statistics show that the system have one missing data eventhough there is no data missing ( i filled up every single row and column). And SPSS say the total sample size is 341 instead of 340...
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    Imputation of categorical missing data in SPSS

    Hello all, I want to know a very basic thing about adjustment of missing values for categorical variables in SPSS. I have a data set containing some categorical variables. Some variables have only two categories 0 and 1. Some variables have 5 categories 0 to 4. Some variables have even 11...
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    deleting spss data

    Hi! I have a large data set of 360 feedback. Each leader has several respondents. How can I delete any of the respondents, including the leader, who has missing data? I would like a complete view of each leader who has complete responses from their surveys and all of their respondents surveys...