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    step change

    Fir a step change model, is it a linear model ?
  2. T

    Why would an attribute in a data set not be included in a generated decision tree?

    Say I have a data set of customers with information such as bank account, age, telephone, credit history, emplyoment, etc... How could when I used RapidMiner, that some attributes are not in the generated decision tree such as telephone or age? What could be the verious reasons for this?
  3. G

    developing a statistical prediction rule for success

    Hi, My boss is looking for me to analyze data that we have an past projects and develop a "formula" that will tell how likely a future project is to be a success. We have defined what a success is, so looking at the past data I can find statistics on when projects are successful. Now comes...
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    confusion on terminology

    I could use some confirmation or correction on something basic that has been confusing me for a while. It has to do with "normal" and steps in modeling. Normality is for residuals (people already helped me with this in a previous thread) and this comes after fitting a model. In the beginning of...
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    ANOVA Design and Analysis

    Hello, This is my first post so I hope my question is appropriate for the group. I have performed an experiment where we have blood samples from 18 donors (subjects). The blood from each subject is split in 2 and subjected to a treatment (factor A, 2 levels). Each of these samples is...
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    Help on a project!!!

    I am doing a school project and trying to find a relationship between government deficit/GDP (dependent variable) and inflation, interest rate, employment rate(three independent variable). After I did some test in gretl, the linear regression model passed REMSEY test for non-linearity, but...
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    diet treatment model

    Hi all I have an experiment for growth with fishes and diet treatment´s in differents tanks... I have differents diets (8) in 24 tanks, each diet in triplicated, i want determinated the tanks and diet effects. I had use genstat and spss for calculate them, but i have some comfussion how...
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    Help with attribution/causality

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but excited to become more involved :tup: I am currently a mathematics/statistics student and I am looking for some ideas on how to proceed with some of my summer research. I hope I posted this in the right forum, if not, sorry! I have recently...
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    ANOVA R code for generalized randomized block design

    Does anyone know how to write R code for an ANOVA using a generalized randomized block design? I have two blocks (random) and three treatments (fixed) each with two reps at each block. I know the RCBD code is aov(object~Block*Trt), but I'm not sure how to specify the error term for the GRBD.
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    Significance of rankings of random choices

    I have 30 options of food (10 fruit, 10 vegetables, 10 meats), and ask respondents to rank (most favorite to least favorite) 4 randomly selected choices from those options, but always 1 meat, 1 veggie, and 2 fruits. How do I determine statistically significance differences of total most favorite...
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    glm link function HELP! To gaussian, or not to gaussian, that is the question...

    Please ignore question no longer need help - thank you for all of your responses!
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    inferences on deterministic models

    Hello, Please let me know if I am posting in the wrong place. Thanks I am working on a project where I have a mathematical epidemic model and I have some data. I want to use statistical methods to find the model that best fits the data. So I have a very deterministic model and need to...