1. I

    Moderation and Mediation in one analysis?

    Hey everyone I'm new here and I hope that I'm in the correct forum and someone can help me :) I actually feel like I have a very basic question but I am quite new to statistical analysis and would be grateful for any help! I am writing a research paper for class and chose my own research...
  2. O

    SPSS-PROCESS-HAYES Mediation-Model 84

    While HAYES offers guidelines on how select his basic models in SPSS (, I am trying to write the syntax for his Model 84 (picture below) I have 956 respondents, and my X (indep. var) has 4 cases. My solution: process...
  3. L

    Time invariant independent variable

    Hey all, I have a time-invariant independent variable and a continuous dependent variable. My dataset is unbalanced panel data. I already know that I cannot use the fixed effects model as my time-invariant variable would be removed. Consequently, I decided to employ a Hausman-Taylor model in...
  4. M

    Moderation: what if one predictor variable affects another?

    Hi guys! We would be very thankful for some insight on our moderation analysis. We have two predictor variables, one is manipulated, the other is measured. There’s a measured outcome variable. We would like to do a moderation analysis where the measured predictor variable moderates the effect...
  5. D

    Help with data analysis plan for dissertation

    Any help would be much appreciated :) For my research project I'm hoping to do a moderation analysis and will be looking at if Variable M moderates the relationship between Variable X and Variable Y. All variables are continuous (scale) and were measured at only 1 time point. My 3 hypotheses...
  6. S

    Continuous variable as moderator of relationship between two continuous variables?

    Is there a test in SPSS to do this? When I google it, I only find it with categorical moderator variables...thanks
  7. S

    Help with a model: can the strength of moderation be used as a variable?

    I am designing a study testing the role of positive emotion regulation in the relation between social anxiety disorder (SAD) symptoms and alcohol use disorder (AUD) symptoms. I am working on the data analytic plan, and realizing I am not sure how to proceed analytically. 1. The first component...
  8. kiton

    Seeking advice on 3-level HLM

    Hello! I am studying the association between product quality measured by expert intermediary (overallScore) and that measured by online user rating. In particular, I hypothesize that the aforementioned association is dependent on the longevity of product use. For instance, I would expect a...
  9. A

    Can I test a continous moderator variable with moderational multiple regression?

    And can I test (separately from question 1 above) a categorical moderator variable (with 3 groups) with moderational multiple regression?
  10. A

    What statistical test do I need to use for a moderator variable?

    For my study, I'm trying to test whether a variable acts as a moderator between the relationship of two other variables. I read that I should use moderational multiple regression with an interaction effect. However, I heard you can only use it if the moderator variable has 2 categories/ is...
  11. B

    Which statistical test to use

    Hello i have a question which statistical test to use Hello I really need some help which test to use. My research question is: Does mindfulness have a moderating influence on the relationship between rumination and marijuana use. The covariates that are used are depressive symptoms and sex...
  12. D

    How determine if control variables moderate the IV/DV relationship in SPSS?!?!

    I just finished basic SPSS analysis of data I recently collected that has 1 DV, 2 IVs, and 8 control variables (age, race, level of education, etc). I cannot for the life of me figure out how to test the control variables for moderation in SPSS. I feel like I recently did it, but cannot...
  13. E

    Omitting binary combinations in marginsplot

    Hello! I am interacting a binary independent variable (x) on two moderating binary moderating variables (y, z). margins, at(x = (0 1) y = (0 1) z = (0 1)) I am searching for the option in STATA to omit certain combinations of these three variables when plotting a marginsplot. For...
  14. C

    Moderation or Mediation?

    Hi, sorry i'm a psychology student and still new to advanced statistics. For my dissertation i'm thinking of looking at the relationship between cosmetic surgery game exposure and body image in young teenagers - however i'm also wanting to look at how self-esteem can affect this relationship...
  15. S

    Moderation at some levels of moderator but not in overall model

    Hello I have three continuous variables one of which I have hypothesised to be a moderator. In the overall regression model there is no significant result for the product of the IV and predicted moderator, R2 change = .00, F change (1, 118) = 0.46, p >.05. That is, there is no overall...
  16. B

    Regression Analysis-Moderation or Mediated Analysis

    Please excuse my lack of understanding of Regression Analysis, but would it be more appropriate to run a moderated or mediated regression analysis for the following question: "Researchers theorized that metacognition for perception may underlie the relationship between source monitoring...
  17. L

    Centering level-1 interaction terms in HLM

    Dear all, I’m running multilevel analyses with HLM and wish to examine an interaction between two level 1 predictor variables. Following recommendations in the literature, I group-mean centered both level 1 predictor variables to ease interpretation. However, I’m left clueless as to whether the...
  18. kiton

    What can the standard errors tell me?

    Hello dear forum members! I wanted to share with you a couple graphs and seek your wisdom on the insights that I may be omitting. According to theory, there are merits to believe that relationship b/w X and Y is moderated by M. Notably, the relationship between X and M is likely to be...
  19. G

    moderation in SPSS vs. PROCESS

    Hi. I did mediation and moderation analysis of one model in 2 programs: SPSS and PROCESS (macro). Mediation was the same, but moderation was different in PROCESS. In SPSS both X and M were significant (p=.001), but in PROCESS significance of X lowered to .0077 and M became insignificant, while...
  20. Y

    no interaction but moderated mediation?

    Hello, my ANOVA analysis shows me that I have no interaction between my moderator and IV. Is it still possible to test for a moderated mediation? Because I read: "James and Brett (1984) gave another perspective that “moderated mediation could occur when a moderator independent...