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    Logistic regression or something else?

    I have a dependent binary outcome and 6 independent variables. These are measured in the same group of people at two moments in time in a descriptive longitudinal study. I am assessing whether these independent variables increase the likelihood of achieving the binary outcome. I know that I...
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    ¿Any suggestions? GLM, HLM, MLM Problem

    I'm new to Multilevel modeling and currently I been working on a business project and its data is related to multilevel modeling. I know a lot of things about how to approach this problem, but I will do my reasoning so you can tell me if it is ok or wrong. So I need a mind that know this type of...
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    Mixed Modelling for Longitudinal Research

    What does random intercept and random slope mean in terms of longitudinal research?
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    Centering level-1 interaction terms in HLM

    Dear all, I’m running multilevel analyses with HLM and wish to examine an interaction between two level 1 predictor variables. Following recommendations in the literature, I group-mean centered both level 1 predictor variables to ease interpretation. However, I’m left clueless as to whether the...
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    Between and within group differences

    I am doing a research project on antisocial youth behavior and SES inequality. I am supposed to run two level logistic regression in STATA. There is an advise in conducting this analysis: "Distinguish between school vs within school differences in bullying, and then perform new descriptive...
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    Difficulty in Selecting Thesis Topic

    I am a graduate student. I have a 6 credit thesis and I am interested in the field of longitudinal and Bayesian. My supervisor said me to choose my topic. But I am not understanding if I choose a topic how can I know what is the scope (further extension) of this topic because I can't only...
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    multilevel analysis

    Dear folks, I have nested data within schoolclasses, therefore I want to run multilevel analysis' with R, package lme4. My hypothesis is H0: x = 0. I don't know how do put this into a multilevel analysis. Can you help me with this? Kind regards
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    Multilevel Mediation

    Hi, I have 130 participants and have multilevel data (5 days nested in each participant). I need to do a cross-level mediation (2-1-1) & am having trouble with the best way to do this using MLM in SPSS. I think the best way would be to use latent growth modelling or multilevel SEM but I don't...
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    Over-simple Stats?

    Hi all, This should hopefully be a really simple question but I think I am confusing myself over a throwaway comment that someone made.... Say I have 20 mice undergoing two different treatments, so 10 mice in each group. From each mouse I take two muscle biopsies, same muscle different...
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    interpreting multi-level logit model

    Hi, I posted this in the psychologiy statistics forum as well, but haven't gotten a response. I thought maybe it would fit better here. I have this output from Stata (an explanation of the variables follows). As far as I understand, the policyfoundation coefficient is statistically...
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    Multi level techniques

    Hi, I have an assignment in which I have to study, using multi-level techniques, the impact of sleep deprivation on reaction times and concentration problems in a statistical framework and write a report about the results and conclusions.I have six variables : Person’s number in the experiment...
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    Two IV's (Nominal, both multi-level), One DV (Interval). What do I run????

    Help needed, I am trying to escape ABD hell. I am only a couple of statistical procedures away from slaying the dissertation beast and have hit a wall. I am needing a statistical procedure that would allow me to compare the means of the number of sessions (DV) per adult attachment style (IV...
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    Logistic Regression with Mixed effects

    I have a logistic regression setup: Outcome = injury (y/n); predictors that are subject specific are gender, age, smoking, and predictors that are class level are $ funds, instructor experience, etc. I want to be able to predict injury based on the subject AND class level data. My setup is...