multifactorial analysis

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    Why three-way ANOVA doesn't match with multiple comparisons?

    Hi, I'm running a three-way ANOVA on a multifactorial dataset and it says all three (Device, HRT, Dose) variable has a significant influence on the data. However, when I run multiple comparisons, groupings and significance appear only based on one of the variables (Dose). Why is that and which...
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    [R] Non-parametric test to multi factorial ANOVA

    Hi, I've spent hours searching online (by "non parametric factorial ANOVA"), reading in books (Zar's "Biostatistical analysis") and manuals (R), but I can't find any clear solution, so I'll bite the bullet and I whine to you. First, sorry for my English and my lack of Statistical knowledge...
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    Multifactorial analysis with R integrated TIME

    Hi! I'm about to analyze data using a multifactorial analysis with the R (Rcmdr) software and I'm not too sure on how to organize the factor groups. My trial includes several: - factors describing plant growth over time (7 sampling dates : root weight, plant weight) - factors describing pest...