multilevel modeling

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    difference between estimating variance and standard deviation.

    In a simulation study, is there any difference between \bullet to estimate the variance \sigma^2, 1000 times and taking its average, and \bullet to estimate the standard deviation \sigma, 1000 times and taking its average? Can I do anyone of these? Is there any preference of doing a...
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    Help with mixed model analysis

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    Please help me! I am stuck choosing which model to use! :(

    Hello! I have been reading so much about stats that I am a bit confused now.. I have samples from an experiment in which I have counted cells. So I took 2 pictures of each kidney. I did this for two kidneys (per individual). And then each individual belongs to a group (infection). My hypothesis...
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    Compare Sexes Within Groups in Multilevel Data

    Hi everyone, I have a large data set including about 50 groups of 6 participants, with about 2/3 same-sex groups and 1/3 mixed-sex groups. Cooperative behavior was assed by trained raters during a group task. Based on previous research, one hypothesis is that women cooperate more than...
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    How to analyze dichotomous DV with between- and within-subjects factors?

    Hello everybody, I am designing a study and need to make sure I'll be able to analyze the data (or else I will modify the design). For the analysis, I would have a dichotomous dependent variable (correct/incorrect) and 3 factors. One of the factors is age group, a between-subjects factor with...
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    Multilevel Mediation

    Hi, I have 130 participants and have multilevel data (5 days nested in each participant). I need to do a cross-level mediation (2-1-1) & am having trouble with the best way to do this using MLM in SPSS. I think the best way would be to use latent growth modelling or multilevel SEM but I don't...
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    Notation of Variance of Residuals in Multilevel Modeling

    I am having some trouble to understand the notation of variance of residuals in multilevel modeling . In this paper "Sufficient Sample Sizes for Multilevel Modeling" , in p.87 below equation (3) , they mentioned " the variance of residual errors u_{0j} and u_{1j} is specified as...
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    Multilevel modeling - dependent variable is not normally distributed

    Hello everybody, I am doing the research, using Multilevel linear modeling (MLM), with dependent variable number of days of payment delays, which is not normally distributed. Is that a problem for MLM? Is it necessary for Y to be normally distributed? I have done a winsorisation- have limited...
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    Is this logit model a multilevel model, and what is the correct way to model it?

    I am analyzing a sample of about 6000 actions carried out by about 500 multinational companies in about 80 countries during a 6 year period. Actions are carried out randomly, and are not longitudinal measurements for the same multinational over time. The actions can be of two types (A or B). My...
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    Specfiying fixed and random factors using Linear MIXED model in SPSS

    Hello all, I'm a bit stuck at specifying my model using MIXED in SPSS (to account for the non-independence of data/MLM structure). My goal is to figure out the levels at which the different data sit so that I can run the most appropriate model. Here's a description of the setup/data...
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    Contextual Effect Question

    I am looking for general thoughts on the following circumstance. I am working on a problem for a colleague in which he has some outcome Y at T2 that he wants to predict by a contextual effect: school average Y at T1. He does not want to estimate change so he has estimates a model: yT2 ~...
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    Multilevel regression problem

    I am new to multilevel models and I am basically wondering whether I can use a multilevel model at all, given the structure of my data. I have collected data on membership of lobby groups in committees used by the Directorates-General (DGs) of the European Commission (the DGs are a bit like...
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    Mixed Model ANOVA or MLM for small sample?

    Hi there! So I just recently finalized my dissertation analyses and sent them to my advisor, and (as this process goes) he is now "recommending" that I change my analytic plan. I could use some advice. My dissertation is a small pilot/feasibility study for a newly developed intervention...