multiple imputation

  1. B

    Missing Information in Regression Analysis Output using Multiple Imputation

    I recently conducted a hierarchical regression analysis testing for a moderation effect in SPSS 22 using multiple imputed data and I’m not sure how to best report from “pooled data” with some information missing. Specifically, when you run a regression, the output does not provide R, R square...
  2. V

    multiple imputation and nested/hierarchical regression

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can conduct a nested/sequential/hierarchical regression using multiply imputed datasets in R or Stata? In Stata, I tried using nestreg but received an error message stating that was not possible. Many thanks for the help.
  3. K

    Multiple imputation

    Hi everybody, Im trying to do multiple imputation with mice and mi package. But im getting errors, and never completed. Which package you guys use? Can you please share a link when i can learn to do it correctly? I used multiple a lot with SPSS which is simple, but now i want to use R...
  4. D

    How and by what magnitude will Multiple Imputation influence my statistical results?

    Dear Forum, Hello and thank you for reading. I am a researcher based at UNSW and I have just received reviewers comments back on a manuscript that I submitted assessing the safety and efficacy of Sativex (a cannabis extract) for managing cannabis withdrawal. I have been able to address most...
  5. E

    How do I split file by gender when using a multiple imputation dataset?

    Hello, I just imputed my data in SPSS using Multiple Imputation. Now I would like to split the data set by gender. The problem is that I am getting an error message that indicates I cannot split the data set by gender without splitting it by the Imputation variable. I tried to split the data...
  6. O

    Marginsplot for categorical by categorical interaction with multiply imputed data

    Hi all, I am trying to use marginsplots to graph a categorical by categorical variable interaction between gender (0 1) and level of drug use (0 1 2) for a logit model predicting lifetime sexual partners using multiply imputed data. I used the code from the ATS UCLA website as a template...
  7. D

    Missing data in clinical trials - HELP! Differential drop out plus ignoring questions

    Hi, I have a long format, repeated measures dataset. I have 19 variables (columns) - all representing individual questions on a 19 item scale. For my main analysis, I use the sum total of these 19 items across each row in the dataset (and a GEE analysis, with the sum total of the 19 items as...
  8. Rmaxwel2

    Item-Level Multiple Imputation to Produce a Total Score for a Measure?

    Hi, all, a quick question regarding multiple imputation . . . The multiple imputation examples I've seen appear to opearate at the scale/inferential level of analysis, i.e. using all measures' total scores to predict other total scores and using imputed scale-level predictions in inferential...
  9. R

    Help with mixed effects logistic regression in STATA

    Hello, I'm new to using mixed effects modeling, and I'm running a mixed effects logistic regression in STATA as my data were collected at different schools. Everything looked good when I ran the model, but after using multiple imputation to handle missing data, the random effects portion of the...
  10. T

    Correlation and multiple imputation

    Dear all, I have been attempting to use multiple imputation (MI) to handle missing data in my study. I use the mice package in R for this. The deeper I get into this process, the more I realize I first need to understand some basic concepts which I hope you can help me with. For example...
  11. R

    Multiple Imputation "cannot find an imputed value under the constraints for variable"

    Hi, I am attempting (and so far failing) to use multiple imputation in SPSS to fill blanks in my data set. I ran the multiple impuation using the default settings and it worked fine except for the fact I was getting values way below my detection limits, some values were even negative...