multiple regression

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    Multiple Regression to receive cost for a single item of an order

    Hi everybody, I appreciate any kind of help and tips: Problem: - I have a dataset with 1600 orders - For each of these orders I know the total costs & products included (e.g. 7975€ & A, C, D, H) - I don't know the individual prices for the range of products (in total 80), which would...
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    One response variable and multiple explanatory variables (numeric and factor values)

    Hello everyone, I am a master student in Biology. I am now trying to analyse my thesis data, but I am facing a problem: I do not understand which test I should use for my large dataset containing one response variable and multiple explanatory variables (factor and numeric values!). Please...
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    If B predicts A, can A also predicts B?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to multiple regression analysis. I have a question and I hope someone can help answer it. Thank you. In a multiple regression analysis, B, along with several other predictors, was found to be a predictor of A. Literature also says B is a predictor of A. Since A and B...
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    Help with multiple dummy variable regression.

    I am attempting to forecast claim denials, whether it will ultimately be adjusted off or not. I am running all the data through excel. The information I have is what the denial was, which insurance denied, how much the initial charge was, and how much the adjustment was for. The problem I am...
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    Dealing with multicollinearity

    I have a following model: y=a+b1x1+b2x2+b3x1x2+b4x3+other terms $ Let's say, I am only interested in coefficient b3. The magnitude of coefficient b3 is 0.54 and its t value is 4.50 and the magnitude of the coefficient b2 is 2.00 and it's t value is 3.00. Now after including the interaction...
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    Multiple Regression: 3 levels in IV of interest, how to compare between all 3?

    Hi all, I would like to test the following and am hoping to get some assistance as I am new to regression: DV - Brain volume IV - Participant Group (Patient with Mild Symptoms, Patient with Severe Symptoms, Controls) Covariates - Age, Gender, IQ I wish to use multiple regression in...
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    Help with interpretation

    Hi All, Here is what i need help with. I am working with small sample size and this is the result so far. X and Y are not correlated ; however, when I place X in a stepwise multiple regression predicting Y, alongside three (A, B, C) other (related) variables, X and two other variables (A...
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    Regression analysis(?) for multiple independent variables

    Hello all, Apologies for posting an elementary query, but my stats is very rusty. Not looking for an explicit solution, necessarily, just a pointer in the right direction. (And if I've posted to the wrong sub-forum, I'd be grateful for suggestions.) I have N records. Each contains M real...
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    One observation per factor level combination in regression

    Hi... I was wondering if you can perform multiple linear regression with a mix of categorical and quantitative variables, if you only have one observation per combination of the levels of your factors in the regression model? And how do you interpret predictions? Thanks in advance!
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    Combining variables prior to performing regression analysis

    Hello to all. I am running a regression analysis to evaluate if the joint analysis of costs and benefits can explain medicinal plant selection better than only benefits. My 'benefit' variables are 'perceived efficiency' and 'perceived taste' and my 'cost' variable is 'difficulty of acquisition'...
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    How to find correlation coefficients for periodic data?

    Please help: Correlation coefficients for periodic data? I am working on a hedging model for commodity.I have past 36 months data of commodity market price and future contracts price. e.g. on 1st April,2014, market price is x,April contract price = x+1,May contract price = x+2 and June...
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    Help calculating standard error of intercept

    Hi all, I'm running an equally weighted moving average multiple regression with 10 explanatory variables, and I'm looking at the change in alpha (intercept) and betas over time, including change in statistical significance. Since I need to run many regressions (1000+), i'm using Excel and the...
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    Two linear regressions or one moderated multiple regression?

    Hi everyone, I would REALLY appreciate any help on this since I've exhausted a lot of options for help already. I have a set of a data with multiple DVs, and two within-subjects IVs (2 x 3 design). Say I want to look at one of the DVs and use regression to examine whether there's any...
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    Variance of parts equal to variance of whole?

    Good morning, I ran a hierarchical regression to test if variables A and B (established in the literature) are mediated by variable C (my research question) when predicting overall performance in a university unit. Block 1 was variables A and B using enter method. Block 2 included variable C...
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    Multiple logistic regression - need for interaction checking?

    Hello, and thank you for reading this post. I am a medical doctor with limited statistical knowledge, so bare with me... I am trying to answer the question: Does dispatching a critical care team (CCT) to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest improve survival? I have a dataset of 2000 cases and...
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    interpretation of intercept and regression coefficient

    This is a multiple linear regression problem with two independent variables. dependent: blood pressure independent: stress and age The raw regression coefficients for x1(stress) and x2(age) are 1.373(stress) and 0.581(age) The intercept is (0,68.969) I need to interpret the values I...
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    Application of Multivariate Analysis

    The following situation is proven valuable where multivariate analysis can be applied. This example is taken from the book `Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis` written by `Richard A. Jhonson & Dean W. Wichern`.: "A study was conducted to investigate the reactions of cancer patients to...
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    Regression Using Likert Scales (Total Scores)

    I conducted a survey that consisted of 5 different likert scales. I totaled the scores for each scale. I would like to know if the total scores of 4 of the scales serve as predictors of the scores on the 5th scale. I am struggling to determine which regression method, if any, is most...
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    Hedonic regression

    What is the rationale behind hedonic quality index and how to interpret it? For any example/explanation beside the Wikipedia, I would be very grateful.