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    Univariate or Multivariate?

    Hi My data is on two equal groups of patients. The two groups have roughly equal proportions of males/females. A blood sample was obtained form each patient, and 10 of the blood components were measured either as a count, % of volume or a concentration. The objective is to see whether the...
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    simple multivariate question

    I have, I think, a simple question about multivariate statistics, and I'm not sure which test (or even what kind of test does this). I have 40 items (replicates) THEY ARE NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR GROUPS. For each item I have tracked the prices each week for a year. So I have 52 measurements of...
  3. C

    Multiple ANOVA or MANOVA or MANCOVA?

    I have collected data on a set of student variables in an undergraduate course (GPA, frequency of participation in class discussion, homework completion, exam performance, and year in school). My main hypotheses pertained to exam performance and homework completion (using different reinforcement...
  4. B

    Multivariate probability density and distance... help!!

    Hi all. I'm far from a stats connoisseur, and will probably use all the wrong words and describe my problem poorly. But I've got to figure it out and literally any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I've got a set of observations, each consisting of seven two-dimensional...
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    multivariate ordered probit regression---use standard bivariate normal distribution?

    Hello. My two previous posts (1 & 2) have about 100 views each, but no replies, so I must have done a poor job asking the question. So, here is the general question: how can I run a run a multivariate (more than one non-independent, response variables) ordered probit regression model? I've...
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    confused by this statement on bivariate and multivariate

    Hi, I am stuck on this statement: Variables were included in the multivariate analysis if they had a P value of 0.10 in the bivariate analysis. I thought P value of 0.05 or lower meant that the findings were signifcant and we disregard anything above that. No? Please explain. I am just...
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    Help required for correlation of three dependent variables

    I am currently doing my Physiotherapy Masters dissertation. I am trying work out if there is a correlation between three dependent variables from the same sample (two ordinal data sets and one interval/ratio data set). I have already completed the correlations between each pair of data, but...
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    multivariate logistic regression

    Hello, I need to perform multivariate logistic regression on 3 binary variables. My independent variables are also categorical (3-10 levels) plus 1 continuous variable. How can i do this on SAS? I cant' find a procedure that works. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Expected value of logarithm of determinant of Wishart-distributed matrix

    Does anyone know a simple, or at least tractable, formula for E[log|W|], where W is a real Wishart-distributed matrix? It seems like there ought to be one, but my search so far has been frustrating; most of the current research seems to be on complex Wishart matrices, which I understand is very...
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    What is the best way to scale input-output data for regression?

    I took a look around the forum, but couldn't find any examples for preparing data to multivariate regression... What do you think is the best way to scale? Should it be applied to each input and output variable or just the output? Thanks in advance.
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    Generate Data for Correlated Continuous and Discrete variables

    Hi I was wondering if anybody could suggest an appropriate approach for the following... I have one independent variable, X, which takes the values 0, 12.5, 25. I have two dependent variables, 1 normal and 1 binary. The mean of the normal variable depends on a function of a value of X...
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    MANCOVA with all predictors being continuous variables - how to follow-up?

    Dear Stats Experts, I would be most grateful for any thoughts on the following: I have a cross-sectional dataset with 7 outcome variables from 100 subjects. The outcome variables are of equal theoretical priority and are moderately correlated. I chose MANCOVA because I am interested in the...
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    Some questions about one-way ANOVA in JMP 9

    One-way ANOVA can be used to estimate the contribution of a variable (x) to the variation in another one (y). I have some questions about it: 1. How to perform it in JMP 9? I am eager to get the R square. 2. Is this R square identical with the one by multivariate regression? 3. In ANOVA, is...
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    Homogenity in mulitivariate data

    Dear all, I have the following problem. There is a multivariate data set, around hundred samples and almost five hundred variables. The samples belong to two groups, and several variables show significant differences between the two groups. The samples are biological and belong to one...
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    General Applications of Various Statistical Techniques for Continuous Processes

    My hope is that people can chip away at the questions raised in the article. All responses are welcome! I have been spending a bit of time trying to teach myself various univariate and multivariate statistical techniques. I would really appreciate a "one stop shop" with a general overview of...