non-normal distribution

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    Median Fold Change and Interquartile Range. 2 non-normal non-paired groups.

    I have a query concerning data presentation using biological data. I would like to present the median fold change between a control and test group. So i have 8 values in each group - i would like to present: a) The median fold change (for this i will take the median of each group and then...
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    Non-parametric tests for repeated measures data

    Hi, I'm having difficulty finding an appropriate test for my data. The experiment is looking at the distance animals have moved from a translocation site over a 12 week period (measured weekly), where animals are divided into 3 treatments (ie. I am looking at whether the different...
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    Non parametric multivariate analysis?

    Hi this is a pretty straightforward question, what analysis allows multivariate analysis that is also non parametric? I would like to analyse the relationship between one response variable(continuous, non normal data) with 2 independent predictor variables(both categorical). So the anova...
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    Unsure if I need to transform my data or use a p-value correction for multiple comps.

    Hello all, Right off the bat I'd like to say that I'm pretty new to statistics and am having to employ some for analysing the results of a listening test I conducted for my masters thesis (in Environmental Acoustics), so apologies if I struggle to explain myself clearly! Essentially, my...
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    Solution for Non-normally distributed data

    hello there, I am doing some statistical analysis on medical sample data. I need to need to find variables which influences the length of stay in hospital. I was panning to do collaboration analysis and stepwise model for detecting regression model. My data is nor normally distributed...
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    behavioural economics experiment - non parametric repeated measures manova

    hi there, I wonder if sbdy could help me with my dissertation project. I am stuck with the analysis n tried to consult a few people but unfortunately they either have limited experience, knowledge or interest in the subject of statistics/behavioural economics. Basically, I got a mixed...
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    Interaction effects, distributions not normal- is ANOVA justified??

    Hi! I have a 2*4*6 factorial design. the sample distributions in most cases are NOT normal (tested with Kolmogorov-Smirnof test). It is recommended to use non-parametric tests in such cases but my question is this: What test should I use to test for interaction effects? Thank you!
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    Testing affects of non-normal explanatory variables on response variable

    Hi all, I'm having real problems with analysing some data (I am using R), and wondered if anyone would please be able to offer me any advice. I have 1 continuous response variable (normally distributed), and I would like to look at the individual affect of each of my explanatory variables...
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    best test for this non-normal distribution?

    Hello! I've recently been working on a report for some research I conducted in september and I've run into a bit of a problem during the analysis as I am relatively new to stats.:shakehead I would really appreciate any help anyone could provide! Thank you! :o The scenario: I'm looking to see...